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Monday, October 3, 2011

Take a video tour of the new, unparalleled Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park

Competitors and spectators at the Alltech National Horse Show, coming for the first time – but not the last – to Kentucky, will experience a state-of-art horse show facility. A video tour of the facility with John Nicholson, executive director of Kentucky Horse Park, provides an idea of what to expect for those coming for the first time.


The arena’s event floor is 135 x 300 feet, equal to one football field or four basketball courts, with capacity for appropriate kinds of equine surfaces.


In addition, special features include 5,700 stadium seats, nine luxury suits with a total of 200 seats, 20,000 square feet of exhibitor space, six concession areas, a spacious, undercover warm-up area, an outdoor warm-up ring, bathrooms with 91 stalls and a high-tech sound system.  There are 568 parking spaces.


The elegant suites, located on the top level of the new Alltech Arena, present a penthouse view of the show and offer special amenities. The suites are fully furnished with private balcony seating. Each suite comes complete with a wet bar, refrigerator, an enclosed glass front and a 42″ LCD television, equipped with Dish Network. The arena sound levels can be controlled in each suite, there are separate suite level restrooms, and Executive Suite holders enjoy an exclusive entrance to the Alltech Arena. Suites can be purchased for the week by contacting National Horse Show Association President Mason Phelps Jr. directly at 561-753-3389, or by email at mpjr@phelpsmediagroup.com.


[jwplayer mediaid="4706"]


A special area at the show will be set aside for the Gracie Street Garden, a re-creation of the legendary party area of the National Horse Shows when they were held in New York at Madison Square Garden.  A party at Gracie Street Garden each night will honor the winners of the day’s prime time events. It will be elegant in its appointments, specially designed by Gracie Street Interior Design of West Palm Beach.


The Alltech arena itself was designed by GBBN Architects (offices in Lexington and Louisville), and built by DW Wilburn, a Lexington company.


It was designed specifically for the park, after consultations with the leaders of numerous equestrian disciplines, so that it would be the most versatile and user-friendly facility possible.  While designed for equestrian competition, the arena is multi-purpose and in demand.


In addition there is a three-barn complex with 312 stalls adjacent to the arena, to provide stabling of horses who compete in the arena.


These state-of-the-art barns, funded entirely by the private sector, allows the Kentucky Horse Park to serve as a competition facility 365 days per year, making the park even more attractive and competitive in attracting shows.







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