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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Justin the Artistic Horse has natural talent, will paint for charity at Saddlebred Museum


Special to KyForward


Everyone seeks to find his passion in life. This is the story of a horse who was successful in finding his.


Adonna Combs loves horses and competes in Dressage. When her Dutch Warmblood mount began aging, she went on a hunt for a replacement. She found a 2-year-old Friesian named Justin to whom she was immediately drawn. “He was a beautiful colt and very full of himself,” she says. “I thought he would make a wonderful dressage mount,” but Justin couldn’t grasp the competition aspect. At their debut appearance, Justin made it around the ring once and decided this venue wasn’t for him, so he made a quick exit at the gate, taking Adonna and her hopes of competing along with him.


Justin is a natural cut-up and always seems to be into mischief. One day, he grabbed Adonna’s crop and started dragging it around in the dirt. Adonna, who has a degree in fine art, wondered if he was trying to tell her something. She got some paint, poster board and tied a brush to the end of her crop and Justin seemed to understand exactly what she was asking him to do. Thus, an artist was born!


Justin The Artistic Horse is now one of this region’s hottest new breakout artists. One of his paintings is being offered for auction at the Equine Art, Antique and Rare Book Auction, an annual fundraiser of the American Saddlebred Museum, located at the Kentucky Horse Park. Justin will be making a personal appearance in Lexington 11 a.m. on Saturday July 14 to give a short demonstration of his painting skills prior to the sale of his painting.


His paintings are abstract, but Adonna says, “The paintings reflect Justin’s personality – bold, confident and playful. His technique is unconfined and he is free to place the brush wherever he chooses. The process is collaborative,” she said. “I choose the colors and brushes and Justin applies them to the paper or canvas. It is a very spontaneous process.”


It is clear that Justin has a passion for painting.


Justin has appeared on Pet Pals TV, WISH-TV Indianapolis, Fox 59 News and WHAS-TV Louisville. His paintings now hang in numerous galleries and he has several successful one-horse art shows under his belt. As his notoriety grows, so do his professional resumé and the demand for his works. His works have appeared at the historic Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville, Ind., the Columbus Museum of Art and Design Gallery in Columbus, Ind. and at The Art Bank in Indianapolis. A collection of his paintings is currently on display at the Southern Indiana Center for Arts in Seymour.


The auction will be held at noon on Saturday July 14th in conjunction with the Lexington Jr. League Horse Show. It will take place at the Museum’s Showplace for Saddlebreds at the Kentucky Horse Park. Items can be previewed on Friday July 13th from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., and Saturday morning prior to the auction. If you cannot be present but wish to bid on an item, telephone bids can be taken with advance arrangements.


For more information, contact Tolley Graves at 859-259-2746 ext. 304 or at tolley@asbmuseum.org. To request a copy of the catalog, call the Museum at 859-259-2746 ext. 305.



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