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Monday, November 26, 2012

Most Encouraging Kentuckian: Krissie Bentley encourages many through coaching

Due to demand, voting for the Most Encouraging Kentuckian has been extended a few days — to midnight Nov. 27. Vote for your choice in LeXenomics’ competition at LeXenomics.org.

By Eric Patrick Marr
KyForward correspondent

“So many of us are just a tiny bit away from reaching our full potential.” – Krissie Bentley, RRCA Running Coach

Krissie Bentley

Many “Type A Personalities” (this writer admittedly included) are not only ferociously driven to succeed, but can also, at times, actually be a bit ferocious. (Disclaimer! It’s just really, rrreally hard to allow something to get in your way, seemingly trying to prevent you from reaching your goals!)

But Krissie Bentley completely shatters that mold. There may not be a softer, sweeter, more polite Type A Personality in all of Kentucky. You can sense it while talking – or running – with her. (That is, if you can track her down, she goes full steam ahead 24/7/365!) Or you can simply observe the fruit of her labor – all of her fans.

And this new (better) way of leading comes out when you ask her about her penultimate wish, courtesy of fellow Twitterite, @angiebpearson: “Let it be said of me that I inspired and encouraged others to accomplish what they scarcely believed was within them to do,” is the wavelength that truly drives Mrs. Bentley and shows just how well she knows herself. All of this precisely explains why Krissie’s ventures – both LexRunLadies and now her Committed Coaching – go far beyond running.

In fact, just 25 percent of Krissie’s coaching clients come to her “just for running,” proving that while Krissie may have found her dream’s vehicles (her free running group, as well as her personalized running coaching business), the vehicles’ destination is even bigger – it is life itself.

And Krissie describes running and life as both being “geography based.” To many (just like it did to her in the beginning), 26.2 miles seems like a great distance away. And running a marathon sounds practically unfathomable… just as many of our biggest life goals originally sound. And that holds true whether those dreams are career-oriented, family-oriented, health-oriented or you name it. But that “great distance” is just a matter of perception, insists Krissie. In fact, our “outlandish goals” are a lot nearer to us than we realize.

“We just need that truth spelled out for us. And then we stop waiting for ‘one day’ to come and we start making things happen right now.”

And when asked again about the parallels between running and life, Krissie pointed out something quite deep.

“I advocate running outside in the weather instead of indoors on the treadmill. Running outside – when it’s warm one day and cold the next – teaches you that today isn’t tomorrow and tomorrow isn’t today.”

Teaching you that your destiny isn’t predetermined. You just need to put one foot in front of the other, move forward, and pretty soon those 26.2 miles – and your far away, “absurd dreams” – start becoming more and more of a reality.

Once you begin moving forward, that distance shrinks, and your mind begins to realize that anything is indeed possible.

You may vote for Krissie for 2012′s Most Encouraging Kentuckian Award at LeXenomics.org. (Voting has been extended through Tuesday, Nov. 27!)

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