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Monday, January 21, 2013

Eighth-grader will share contest winning essay at 2013 Unity Breakfast honoring MLK

As part of the 2013 Unity Breakfast, a Martin Luther King Jr. Day program honoring the life and work of the civil right leader, Bryan Station eighth-grader Christopher Copley will read his contest-winning Unity essay at the Jan. 21 event.

As the winner of 2013 Unity Breakfast essay contest, focusing on the importance of people moving past differences to make the world a better place, Christopher will receive a $500 savings bond in addition to being invited to share his essay with the breakfast attendees.

Read Christopher’s essay below:

Unity is a continuous search for equality. It is what we strive for in a society that contains such diverse groups of people. We often classify and organize everyone in different groups, based on anything about them that is different. We fixate on these diversities and differences and this clouds our minds of the real problems. The real problems that are going on in the real world, like debt, unemployment and the economy, are blocked out by these differences. The differences, they circle in our minds, on a continuous loop that seems never to end. We must unite; forget all of these little differences, to make the world a better place.

(Photo from americaslibrary.gov)

Unity is a continuous march towards equality. Throughout time, we have come closer together. We are starting to see everyone as equal, no matter what difference there may be about them. The civil rights movement, women gaining many rights, and many other movements concerning equality, have been big steps towards equality for everyone, but this is only a little step compared to the mile-long set of stairs we are climbing. We may be getting closer and closer, but we still aren’t there. Many people may say that we are at the top, that everything is equal. But it is not truly equal unless we can just forget about the differences that pull us apart, but instead just realize the similarities that bind us together.

We need to get to the point, where race, gender, nothing matters anymore but what is on the inside of a person. We need to get to the point where the only thing that matters in how a person acts or who they truly are on the inside. We have many problems in our society, but trying to agree with each other can be clouded by little differences that don’t matter. Unity is the long and hard journey towards equality that we will continue, until the barriers are broken, and we are all one.





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