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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Good Eats: Make feeding your body right
a priority, then the rest will fall into place

By Rachel Crabtree
KyForward columnist

Time for New Year’s resolutions again… or have we all just given up?

It seems as if the majority of resolutions or goals we set at this particular time of year pertain in some way to our diet – or more specifically, losing weight. And yet every year we’re here on Jan. 1 doing it all over again. So how can we lose weight successfully this time?

First, think about your diet as what you are feeding your body, how you’re eating – NOT a restrictive prison of low-fat, low carb, no-this-or-that… Those things are nearly impossible to maintain, so when you slip up, you feel like a failure and find yourself giving up again. If instead you consider what’s in it, where it came from and its nutritional value, you can eat virtually anything you want – and still lose weight!

Whole foods – foods that grow or are produced naturally – contain more nutrients and, therefore, satisfy our bodies more than processed foods. As a result, you feel fuller and crave less junk. So the end result is eating less … and ultimately losing weight. Not to mention the positive effects it will have on your overall health

What’s in it? Well, as I’ve said in this column before: “READ THE INGREDIENTS.” Don’t fall for the fancy labels and marketing gimmicks. Read for yourself what is actually in the ingredient list; if you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce the majority of them, don’t eat it!

Where it comes from is a bit more tricky. In the summer, the farmers market makes it easy. In the winter, places such as Whole Foods and Fresh Market are the best places to find local or regional produce. Those are also the only type of places you’ll find locally raised, pastured meats that you can trust. Of course, you can always order from Well Fed! if you want to save yourself the hassle of shopping and planning, too.

Bottom line: EAT WHOLE FOODS! Don’t restrict yourself or try to cut things out. My friend Judy, who is a nutritionist, posted such a powerful statement on Facebook: “It’s your PRIORITIES…NOT your WILLPOWER! Willpower is a myth. Priorities determine what we do or don’t do!” So make feeding your body a priority and the rest will truly just fall in to place.

Rachel Crabtree was born in Ohio but moved with her family to rural Casey County in Kentucky at the age of 7. She was raised on a farm full of chickens, goats and organic gardens. Rachel is a 1997 graduate of the University of Kentucky and worked as a stockbroker for several years before moving to a career in her true area of passion: fitness and health. She currently owns Well Fed! in Lexington, which provides healthy, nutritionally balanced, portion-controlled, fresh, organic/local foods for individuals and families.



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