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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Health department putting inspection scores online for all Lexington food establishments

To help diners in Lexington stay better informed, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department is now posting restaurant inspection scores online at LexingtonHealthDepartment.org.

The posting includes a facility’s name, address, inspection type (a “1” for a regular inspection or a “2” for a followup), inspection score, inspection date, violations and if a follow-up inspection is required. Facilities are listed in alphabetical order and are grouped in four sections: A through D, E through L, M through S and T through Z.

In addition, When an establishment has violations noted, you can click to view a pop-up window that explains the violations in detail. (Found here)

“All foodservice establishments are required to post their inspection scores in a conspicuous spot, but many diners would like to do some research prior to arriving at the restaurant,” said Jessica Cobb, LFCHD’s communicable disease manager. “By putting these scores online, anyone wishing to eat in Lexington can enjoy convenient access to inspection information from their computer.”

Fayette County has about 1,500 establishments that are regulated by the health department. This includes restaurants, school and university cafeterias, supermarkets, convenience stores, farmers’ markets, permanent and temporary concession stands and anywhere else food is routinely served. The establishments are inspected twice per year.

“Our environmental health specialists visit each location to make sure health codes are being followed to ensure safe, sanitary conditions for patrons,” Cobb said. “Nationally, foodborne illnesses affect 76 million people each year. The inspections are a crucial component of public health since so many people in Fayette County and guests from other areas eat at our restaurants.”

From Lexington-Fayette County Health Department



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