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Friday, March 8, 2013

Lex What Wear: Despite being winter weary, bring the heat with a little end-of-season style

By Alex McLean
KyForward columnist

Oh my goodness, I am ready for spring, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! But, as we say in my family, it is what it is, and in this case “it” means we have to rely on layers and accessories to bring some fashion heat.

That’s exactly what I tried to do with these three really different outfits featured below. Hopefully, they will give you a little inspiration for styling your end-of-winter wardrobe, as well as help you keep the fashion … um … winter doldrums at bay.

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Despite my winter blues, I’ve been feeling a little edgy and a whole lot NYC lately. So, there’s no better addition to my wardrobe than these panel leather leggings from the March Discover Pique showroom! I am completely obsessed with the brand I work for every day, and that in itself supports this new fashion addiction addiction of mine.

Surrounded by the most fabulous legwear in the country, I have the pleasure of spending every day brainstorming ways to style a particular fishnet or the newest neon sock. I’ve even started planning how I can wear tights and leggings in spring and summer. Yes, you better believe I’ll be wearing legwear during those hot summer months. New trend? Why not!

I styled the panel leather leggings I’m wearing below with a lot of black, one feminine accessory and one masculine accessory. I think the pretty necklace (feminine) and the studded combat boots (masculine) are a good balance.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with me @LexWhatWear and @DiscoverPique.


I LOVE a good oversized blouse. Those of you who know me, know this already. Another thing I am fond of is denim. So when I spotted this abstract gem at my No. 1 bargain spot, Forever 21, I was all game for adding this to my collection.

One thing I’ve learned about oversized clothing is that you can use the extra fabric to your advantage and wear the piece a number of ways. So far, I have worn this blouse underneath a sweater, buttoned up with a cool scarf and paired with a fun leather skirt. I decided for one more option and that was to open it up, and let it be.

Because I am a huge fan of all black accents (hints the under layers), I decided to play up the blue hues and keep it simple. I paired gold jewelry with the ensemble to accentuate the gold bobbles and buttons on the blouse. And, of course, I topped off this look with my favorite bootie. Did I mention how much I love these kicks?

Have an oversized blouse hanging in your closet? Give it a go and see how many ways you can wear it. Share your pics @LexWhatWear with hashtag #trendshare.


One of my new favorite layering pieces may strike some as a bit quirky – the Army green cross top from Forever 21 that I’m wearing below. I love the top because, well, I love it. But, being a Christian, I also love the cross and its symbolism. Wearing crosses is highly fashionable, whether worn as a religious statement or simply as chic fashion.


Alex McLean writes daily for LexWhatWear.com, a Lexington style-spotting blog she created for people who love to read about what’s hot … and sometimes what’s not … in fashion. She also shares lifestyle tips, creative ideas and stories about local fashionistas and others who inspire – live from New York City, where she now lives.

For more of Alex’s Lex What Wear columns, click here.



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