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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

National ice sculpting champion showcases statues in live downtown demonstration

The streets of downtown Lexington will be covered in ice March 7, but it won’t be weather-related.

(Photo from Michael Stoddart)

National 2012 ice carving champion Michael Stoddart will demonstrate his award-winning technique at Triangle Park at 2 p.m. He will create a sculpture from a 300-pound block of ice.
Throughout the day at 10 downtown locations the public can view other Stoddart creations. The locations included on the ice sculpture tour are Transylvania University, Bigg Blue Martini, Dudley’s On Short, Desha’s, Barney Miller, The Courthouse, Atomic Cafe’, The Smoke Shop, Sam’s Hot Dog Stand and Seasons Catering.

(Photo from Michael Stoddart)

Following the live demonstration fans can meet Stoddart at the 4 p.m. launch of his new business Lexington Ice Sculptures which shares the location with Seasons Catering. The open house and ribbon cutting will give the public the chance to see behind the scenes. Seasons Catering will provide refreshments.
For more information, call Kaelyn Query at 859-425-9988 or email her at kaelyn@lexingtonicesculptures.com.
From LIS
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