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Art Lander’s Outdoors: Anglers, boaters should take special care to avoid sunburn


  Clear skies and hot sun, plus pale skin, equals sunburn.   Anyone outdoors during the onset of warm weather is at risk for overexposure to the sun, especially after a long, cold winter indoors.   Anglers and recreational boaters …

Rifles, knives from former Ag Commissioner Richie Farmer’s administration up for auction


  The state will auction dozens of high-quality collector’s items left over from a 2008 agriculture conference during Richie Farmer’s tenure as Kentucky agriculture commissioner.   The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will sell 13 Remington rifles and …

Kentucky’s elk herd is largest east of Rocky Mountains; deadline near for hunt drawing


  Where there were no elk two decades ago in Kentucky, an estimated 10,000 or more now roam freely. Applications for an elk hunt quota drawing in Kentucky must be made by April 30.   A landmark restoration effort re-established …

Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Smaller waters across state hold crappie just like big lakes


  This is another story in the Spring Fishing Frenzy series. The series – detailing productive fishing opportunities across Kentucky – will continue until early summer.   The wild striped bass in a ginger and red wine sauce at a …