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Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Archery season well underway, but crossbow soon to follow


                By Kevin Kelly Special to KyForward   Work, family and school commitments can leave little free time in a day, but hunters can help themselves by carving out some time to scout …

Art Lander’s Outdoors: First 10 days of deer hunting indicate will be another banner year


                With the season off to a fast start, it seems likely that archers will take a record number of deer during September, the first month of their 4 1/2-month season.   In …

Kentucky Nature Preserves Commission to conduct public meeting, establish preserve


              The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission will conduct a public meeting at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 25, in the E/F conference room of the Franklin County Cooperative Extension Office.   The office …

Kentucky Afield Outdoors: State waterfowl hunters have new teal-only season to enjoy


                By Lee McClellan Special to KyForward   Kentucky waterfowl hunters now have additional days in September to pursue teal.   A teal-only season that is new for 2014 runs from Sept. 22 …