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Coach Colene: It’s time to be the CEO of your life, take ownership and start acting like a leader

By Colene Elridge
Special to KyForward

A couple of weeks ago I taught a class to a great group of women called, “Be the CEO of YOU.” It was mostly about taking ownership in your own life and how to start acting like the leader you are destined to be. It’s always a fun class to teach; I love to see the lightbulb moments when participants get it.

So, what does a CEO do? CEO’s create vision, strategy, shift direction, and make the tough calls when necessary. CEOs (the good ones, at least) build valuable relationships with others for intentional growth. More importantly, CEOs know themselves… they know their strengths and weaknesses.

What I’ve learned from years of studying leadership, and being a leader in several areas of my life, is leadership is not always easy. But, it can be easier than we make it. When we find ourselves in a hard spot in leading ourselves and others, the one main culprit at play is ego.

Your ego is a shield to who you really are. Often, people mistake ego for confidence. I would love for you to be the most confident person you know… but without the ego. Your ego can diminish your sense of self, because you’re not allowing others to see the real you. As you try to keep up the act, you start to become overwhelmed with the charade of it all.

As a CEO, you learn how to let go of the people and things that are not doing their job. Maybe it’s time to show your ego the pink slip. Think about it… is it doing its job? Is it making you look good or feel good? Is it supporting you in becoming better? Is it talking back to you, or questioning your authority?

I think it’s time!

Here are a few ways to fire your ego:

• Focus on service. Are you giving more than you’re receiving? When you are in service to others, you are not focused on yourself. This is one of the quickest ways to fire your ego.

• Appreciate differences. One way egos can rear their heads is when we focus on how different someone else is as a form of judgement. Instead, try meeting people who are different from you, and learning to appreciate their difference for the uniqueness that it is.

• Focus on courage, not fear. Our ego is rooted in fear. Courage lets you face fear and drop your ego.

Are you ready to step into the CEO role in your life? Start by auditing your ego, then making the choice to let it go, so you can become the best version of you.

Colene Elridge, M.B.A., is a results-oriented success coach with 15 years of experience in human resources, training, government and entrepreneurship. Known as “Coach Colene,” the owner of Be More Consulting is based in Georgetown, Ky. and moderates and speaks at numerous events, conferences and retreats throughout the country. Learn more at www.bemoretransform.com.

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