Failure to pay toll on Louisville bridges could have affect on future vehicle registration

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By Tom Latek
Kentucky Today

If you cross the downtown or east end Ohio river bridges between Louisville and southern Indiana and don’t pay the tolls, it may cost you the chance to renew your vehicle registration.

RiverLink, the toll operator for the Kennedy, Lincoln and Lewis and Clark bridges, has announced the registrations will be placed on hold, starting later this month, until the back tolls and fees are paid in full. But drivers will have plenty of warning.

“A hold is placed on a vehicle registration after a toll is unpaid, and at least four RiverLink toll notices have been sent to the customer,” said RiverLink spokesperson Mindy Peterson. “The first notice, second notice, violation notice and collections notice are mailed over a minimum of a 135-day period, allowing drivers more than four months to pay tolls owed.”

Not paying tolls on bridges connecting Louisville and Indiana will come with the penalty of not being able to register your vehicle.

The reason for the action is simple. Through Sept. 15, Peterson said $54,000,000 in tolls have been collected, with $7,000,000 owed in back tolls and fees. One unpaid round trip is enough to put your registration on hold.

Peterson said in the first batch, 19,000 holds will be placed on Kentucky vehicles and 16,000 more for Indiana drivers.

“Our new and improved bridges mean faster and safer commutes for drivers every day, and are opening the door to new economic opportunities for our region,” said Megan McLain, innovative finance manager with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. “It’s important all drivers using the bridges pay their fair share. Vehicle registration holds are a common enforcement option used by several states to help ensure required tolls and fees are paid.”

RiverLink customer service will send written notification of registration holds to vehicle owners. Collection calls are also made to affected customers. If a customer does not answer the phone, a message is left to contact RiverLink for important account information.

Peterson said back tolls and fees must be paid directly to RiverLink, and not the County Clerk’s office.

She said once the payment is made, which can be done online, on your smart phone or at the RiverLink offices in Louisville and Jeffersonville, Indiana, the hold will be removed in just a few minutes and people can then renew their vehicle registrations.

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  1. Daniel Kienast says:

    I guess Louisville Kentucky will be the largest loser when I bypass this bridge and take another route because I will not buy anything from your businesses, gas etc. I don’t like the idea that you MAIL the charges and not have this adequately marked before crossing the bridge. Then to pay this charge they don’t even give you a self stamped envelope to mail in. Do you actually think I would send my Charge card number to you people. Kentucky and Indiana WILL BE the biggest losers. Tolls are fine but give an option and put up a toll booth. The states are spending a pretty penny to try and collect these tolls.

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