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Ginger Sanders Alzheimer’s Diary


Part 1: Ginger Sanders chronicles her trying journey through husband’s illness
Part 2: John has Alzheimer’s, getting him the best care . . . telling the family
Part 3: John’s disease confirmed, now how shall we break it to the family?
Part 4: The real fight begins in earnest, as Ginger aims to help John
Part 5: John made the team for clinical trial; now, what’s next for him?
Part 6: After eight long months, Ginger and John settle in for the long haul
Part 7: When the happy past meets the present, love and support abound
Part 8: As John’s advocate, Ginger vows to help him keep his independence
Part 9: One fateful day two people met, fell in love . . .and their journey began
Part 10: ‘Pity Party’ interrupted by reality – a hug, a kiss, knowing nothing is sure
Part 11: Understanding why, what and how of the disease makes it easier to cope
Part 12: ‘Do not give up hope, don’t become complacent’ after learning stages
Part 13: It’s easier said than done, but stay positive, remember it could be worse
Part 14: This disease is hard to swallow, but good things can come out of it
Part 15: John ‘holding his own’ against the disease 10 months after diagnosis
Part 16: Insights new and old can help slow progression of disease
Part 17: As she fights for John, loss of granddaughter causes Ginger to ask ‘Why?’
Part 18: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly as Ginger and John fight his disease
Part 19: Rediscovering romance, fun, John and Gin – the perfect couple
Part 20: Finding normalcy is a good thing, especially after a long weekend apart
Part 21: As one-year anniversary approaches, lessons learned prove invaluable

Part 22: John’s five-day trip definitely made our hearts grow fonder