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Governor makes appointments to Parole Board and Kentucky Retirement Systems board

Gov. Matt Bevin has made the following appointments to Kentucky Boards and Commissions:

Dr. Robert Powers and Lelia VanHoose have been appointed to the Kentucky Parole Board.

• Dr. Robert Powers, of Harrodsburg, is the executive director of the Bridge Program. He will serve for a term expiring March 1, 2021.
• Lelia VanHoose, of Lexington, is a current member of the Parole Board. She has been reappointed and shall serve for a term expiring March 1, 2021.

The Kentucky Parole Board is composed of nine members appointed by the governor to a four-year staggered term. Each Board member must have at least five years of actual experience in the fields of penology, corrections work, law enforcement, sociology, law, education, social work, medicine, or a combination thereof, or must have served five years previously on the Parole Board. The Board studies case histories of those up for parole, conducts hearings for granting parole, issues warrants for violating parole and determines the period of supervision for those granted parole.

Wilburn Joe Brothers and James Fulkerson have been appointed to the Board of Trustees of Kentucky Retirement Systems.

• Wilburn Joe Brothers, of Elizabethtown, is a retired plant manager. He will represent the Kentucky School Boards Association and serve for a term expiring July 1, 2021.
• James Fulkerson, of Owensboro, is a retired accountant. He will represent the Kentucky League of Cities and serve for a term expiring July 1, 2021.

Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) was created in 1956 by the Kentucky General Assembly in order to supplement the benefits provided by Social Security. KRS strives for appropriate funding for all plans in order to manage the assets in accordance with each plan’s needs while adding value.

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