101 examples of NKU public
engagement shown in report


What does public engagement look like in higher education?


At Northern Kentucky University public engagement includes, 50-plus service learning courses per semester; thousands of volunteer hours by students each academic year; dozens of examples of applied research for community partners; a student philanthropy program that has distributed more than $500,000 to nonprofits; 35 centers and institutes that have public engagement built into their missions; a public lecture series; a regional policy forum; and a specific collaboration on P-12 initiatives in the community, including an intervention process for boosting high-school math skills for at-risk students.


NKU has carefully and systematically constructed a commitment to public engagement into the university’s mission, strategic plan and promotion/tenure guidelines. A newly released report, “Public Engagement: The Community is Our Classroom,” profiles that commitment and includes 101 examples of public engagement at NKU.


Both academic and co-curricular initiatives are among the 101 engagement examples in the publication, which include:


· Service is built into the curriculum for students seeking a doctoral degree in educational leadership.


· Professor Greg De Blasio’s public relations class picks a client each semester and creates a PR plan.


· On 100 acres owned by the Sisters of Divine Providence in Melbourne, Ky., NKU’s biological sciences faculty and students are working with partners to turn a rare wetland into a living lab for ecological study.


· President Votruba is co-author of “Becoming an Engagement Campus: A Practical Guide for Institutionalizing Public Engagement,” published last year by Jossey-Bass.


To order a copy of “Public Engagement: The Community is Our Classroom,” send an email to engage@nku.edu or call 859-572-1448. Be sure to include a mailing address.Click here to view the report online.


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