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Friday, November 9, 2012

Garrison’s Lennox Ranch earns certification as Animal Welfare Approved for sheep


The sheep at Lenox Ranch are now certified as Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). This certification and food label lets consumers know that these animals were raised in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards in the U.S., using sustainable agriculture methods on an independent family farm.

Neil and Abbey Lenox raise about 60 Katahdin and St. Croix Sheep, both known as “hair sheep” breeds. The Lenox’s recognize the growing consumer interest in how animals are being raised and raising animals outdoors on pasture or range has known benefits for animals, consumers and the environment. The Lenox’s are proud to be Animal Welfare Approved because they believe in the importance of sustainable family farms. Neil says, “We believe in high animal welfare standards and the importance of raising animals on pasture and never in confinement. This makes a difference for our animals, we love watching them kick up their heels in joy!”

Hair sheep breeds are unusual because they have a coarse hair-like coat, rather than wool, which they shed every spring. The Lenox’s chose the Katahdin and St. Croix Sheep because they are a hardy breed and thrive out on pasture. These breeds are easier to care for because they do not need regular shearing since they do not have thick coats. Their meat is also considered to be superior in flavor to most wool-producing sheep breeds.

“The accountability and integrity offered by Animal Welfare Approved farmers like Neil and Abbey are unmatched in food production. We’re glad to have Lenox Ranch in the AWA family,” AWA Program Director Andrew Gunther.

AWA lamb from Lenox Ranch is available directly from the farm. For more information visit lenoxranch.com, email info@lenoxranch.com , or call 606-757-4271.