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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Energy and Environment Cabinet signs contract to continue recycling electronic scrap

The Energy and Environment Cabinet has signed a contract that will result in the continued recycling of the millions of pounds of electronic scrap, or e-scrap, generated by government agencies and educational institutions in Kentucky each year.

The e-scrap contract with Creative Recycling Inc. of Tampa, Fla., which has a collection and distribution center in Louisville, will assure this large volume of scrap will be recycled in an environmentally sound manner, with effectively zero percent of the scrap going to landfills. It also ensures the proper sanitization of any data/information remaining on hard drives and in memory.

The e-scrap program is part of the Commonwealth Office of Technology “Green IT Program” Initiative.

“We developed this program with our partners to identify and prioritize projects and investments with the greatest potential for energy efficiency, environmental stewardship and cost savings,” said Finance and Administration Secretary Lori H. Flanery. “The Green IT initiative will address the entire life cycle of the electronic hardware and related components procured and used across state government.”

This program was developed to complement the greening of government efforts currently underway by Gov. Steve Beshear’s Office, the Energy and Environment Cabinet and the Finance and Administration Cabinet.

“This contract gives all agencies of the Commonwealth, local governments and schools the ability to properly recycle their surplus electronic devices, protecting both any sensitive information they may contain and our environment,” said Len Peters, secretary of the Energy and Environment Cabinet. “Properly managed, each generator can receive payment for the majority of their e-scrap. In this time of tight budgets, this is truly a positive step for Kentucky.”

The contract with Creative Recycling Inc. is unique in that the vendor will reimburse agencies, school districts, universities and local governments by item or pound for many of the items aggregated for recycling. Currently, many communities and educational entities do not receive reimbursement or pay a fee for e-scrap recycling services.

Agencies involved in the project are the Division of Waste Management in the Energy and Environment Cabinet, Finance’s Division of Surplus Properties and Office of Procurement Services, the Department of Education’s Office of Education Technology – K-12 and the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education.

From the Finance and Administration Cabinet