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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Leaf Collection program collecting large volumes since beginning in November

The city’s 2012 Leaf Collection Program is a week old and crews are seeing heavy leaf volumes, said arborist Rob Allen.

The program began Monday, Nov. 26, and will continue through Friday, Jan. 4, 2013. To date, crews have already collected about 100 tons of leaves, said Allen. The program has traditionally collected a total of 800 tons to 1,000 tons of leaves during its six-week duration.

The leaf collection program is for Fayette County residents who receive city waste collection services. Those residents get a single vacuum pickup. To find out when the leaf collection crew will be working in various neighborhoods, residents should visit the LFUCG website for a complete listing of streets and when those areas will be serviced. Citizens may also call LexCall at 311 or 425-2255.

Division of Streets and Roads crews, who are collecting the leaves this year, are currently working in Zones A and D, Allen said. Collections in Zone A were heavier than usual and the crews “are three to four days behind what we projected,” Allen said. “We will start zones on time and work until they are completed. We will; get to everyone.” He said work in Zone D is on schedule.

Once residents have determined when crews will be in their neighborhood, they need to rake their leaves into piles in the service area between the sidewalk and the street. Residents should not rake leaves into the street, since it can cause traffic hazards, is unsightly and can result in a citation and/or fine. The leaves need to be raked into the service area the Sunday before the scheduled collection week. Piles should contain only leaves; other objects such as tree limbs and rocks can result in injuries to crew members or damage the equipment.

Residents also have the option of using Lenny yard waste containers or the 30-gallon paper yard waste bags that are available at grocery stores and other retain locations. The bags are free to those who live in the Urban Services Area, who should have received coupons for them in the mail. Residents who did not receive the coupons should call LexCall at 311 or 425-2255. The Lenny and the yard waste bags will be picked up on a resident’s regularly scheduled solid waste pickup day.

Individuals can also take up to two pick-up truck loads of leaves a month to the Haley Pike composting facility free of charge.

For more information, contact LexCall at 311 or 425-2255.