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Ebola outbreak unlikely in Kentucky, but DPH officials say they are prepared to act


Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH) officials say they are coordinating multiple efforts related to Ebola preparedness to increase the level of readiness for hospitals, local health departments, other health providers and partners to deal with any potential cases of …

Mamie McCullough brings Laugh Your Heart Out event to Girls’ Night Out in Lexington


Motivational speaker and author Mamie McCullough is returning to Lexington after wowing a crowd at last year’s Baptist Health Lexington Laugh Your Heart Out event. She’ll be back for Girls’ Night Out at the Lexington Opera House on Tuesday, Oct. …

Foot Health: Runners remember to listen
to your body, get your injury under control


By Dr. Nicole G. Freels KyForward columnist   Runners are tough. So tough and dedicated that when they are sidelined by an injury, they can sometimes inadvertently hinder their own recovery because they rush back into running before they have …

CDC, Frontier Airlines passenger notification underway; new Ebola patient flew Oct. 13


On the morning of Oct. 14, the second healthcare worker reported to the hospital with a low-grade fever and was isolated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that the second healthcare worker who tested positive last night for …

Your Health: Detailed survival plans best way to assure patients live their lives cancer-free


By Stacy Stanifer KyForward columnist   Today, due to advances in early detection and treatment, more people are surviving cancer than ever before. Currently it is estimated that there are more than 13 million cancer survivors in the United States. …

AAWD brings Miss Kentucky to help domestic abuse victims get back much-needed smiles


  By Ann Blackford Special to KyForward   Smiling is one of life’s simplest pleasures and has been scientifically linked with many health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, a boost in the immune system, and an increase in happiness …

Leestown Middle School students, families, teachers put the fun in fitness, working out


  By Tammy L. Lane Special to KyForward   Eighth-grader Will Turner knows the secret to living well is not that complicated. “Being healthy and in shape is not all starving yourself. You can run, swim, do all kinds of …

Public-policy changes needed, say experts,
to fight obesity in Kentucky and other states


  Though the obesity epidemic shows signs of stabilizing, it still carries national security risks — negatively affecting education, agriculture and transportation — and public policy change can be incredibly important in reducing obesity, Richard Hamburg, deputy director of Trust …

Kentuckian, now USDA official, says most schools adapting to federal nutrition rules


While one Kentucky school district has ditched the federal school-meals program and the money that comes with it, an official of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services says that most Kentucky schools are creatively and successfully …

At just 36, Kentuckian gets ‘wake-up call,’ chance to dump unhealthy habits for good


  A fast-food combo meal, plus an extra sandwich and two extra-large sweet teas. That was lunch.   “I’d only have that if I skipped breakfast,” Jarrett Spriggs said. ”But dinner was always meat and potatoes, no vegetables, and between …