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Kentucky Health Co-op lost $50.4M, most
in U.S.; high enrollment, big claims blamed


By Melissa Patrick Special to KyForward   A federal audit of the nonprofit health insurance companies formed under federal health reform found that at the end of 2014, all but one were operating at a loss, and the Kentucky Health …

A Firefighter’s Mission: Tim Boniface hoping to use nomination to spread fitness message


  While in high school, Tim Boniface decided he wanted to go into finance and banking. He made that choice because he knew this was a career path that would afford him a comfortable lifestyle. He had seen others do …

Consumer Reports releases hospital-acquired infection report; some hospitals need work


  A new study from Consumer Reports has analyzed hospital-acquired infection data for thousands of hospitals across the U.S. and rated them on how well they prevented these infections.   Not all hospitals in Kentucky were rated, but of the …

Four-year-old spinal cord patient is first to use tools specifically designed for children


Four-year-old Evander Conroy is visiting Louisville this summer from his home in Sydney, Australia, to continue locomotor training designed to help him gain the ability to walk.   To make this trip to Louisville even more special, Evander is the …

Foot Health: Hammertoes don’t heal on their own; seek treatment before it is too late


Hammertoes are a frequent cause of discomfort, especially among women.   One of the most common mistakes people make is to assume this condition will just go away by itself, without treatment and without seeing a podiatrist. Unfortunately, that’s not …

Kentucky’s prescription drug law effective
in fighting abuse, yearlong UK study shows


  Since Kentucky’s prescription drug abuse legislation took effect in 2012, the state has seen a decline in the number of prescriptions for the most commonly abused medications, doctor shopping has decreased by more than 50 percent and more Kentuckians …

Report: Fewer Kentucky teens than ever are having sex; teen births also at all-time low


  By Melissa Patrick Special to KyForward   Fewer teens are having sex now than did in the last generation, and of those that do, more are using some form of birth-control, according to a new report from the Centers …

Eye Health: Why is ADHD and ADD confused with convergence insufficiency in children?


By Dr. Dawn Stratton KyForward columnist   An important part of vision therapy for children is providing meaningful care to take the guesswork away from parents who are watching their children struggle with schoolwork. Some of that guesswork may center …

Your Health: Preparing for a race? Don’t sabotage yourself before all the fun begins


By Grant Gensheimer Special to KyForward   With summer comes fun and engaging outdoor activities. Many people may be considering doing their very first 5K run, an organized bike ride or race, swimming events and more. No matter your activity …

Foot Health: Many issues with children’s feet are resolved over time; treat those that aren’t


  By Dr. Nicole G. Freels KyForward columnist   Children’s feet and the problems associated with them are one of the many things that keep parents awake at night. Especially when children start to walk, it’s very easy to assume …