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Word from the Y’s: Find personal dieting, exercise plan, strive for 10,000 steps a day


Laura DeCinque Beaumont YMCA   Tuesday has become my favorite day of the week. I teach a great group of Y members who come to my Starter Fitness class each week. We combine cardio, weights, and abs in an action-packed, …

Word from the Y’s: Don’t be intimidated by indoor cycling, classes can work for all levels


By Pam Thomas High Street YMCA, USA Cycling Coach   If you are looking for a fun and challenging way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, consider taking an indoor cycling class. Indoor cycling classes may seem a bit more intimidating …

Word from the Y’s: Taking a road trip?
Don’t let workout be derailed by travel


By Amber Serres High Street YMCA   It can be difficult to stick to a fitness routine, even when you have the time and you have a facility nearby with ample equipment available. So what can you do when you …

Word from the Y’s: Ready to take a dip?
Consider these water safety tips first


By Jace Piersol Beaumont Centre Family YMCA   Summer is here and many are flocking to pools and beaches to escape the heat. While the water is cool and refreshing, it can be potentially life threatening to nonswimmers and swimmers …

Word from the Y’s: Keep Moving:
How to stay active as an older adult


By Corey Donohoo Beaumont Centre Family YMCA   I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve had a friend, family member, or doctor mention to you how great exercise can be for your health. They may have told you …

Word from the Y’s: The daily 10,000:
Tips for stepping up to the challenge


By Erin Jones Beaumont Centre YMCA   Sometimes you are told subtly – and other times the references are more on the nose – but it seems we are reminded one way or the other on a daily basis to …

Word from the Y’s: No time for the gym?
Stay active by adding exercise to daily tasks


Chelsea Paslick North Lexington Family YMCA   It’s not easy to find the time to hit the gym every day. We all have busy schedules and sometimes it seems impossible to find time any time for exercise. However, there are …

Word from the Y’s: Workouts running
on empty? Re-energize with a friend


By Elissa Roycraft Beaumont Centre Family YMCA   Sometimes working out can seem a tedious and grueling process. Missing one workout turns into missing three weeks and soon you’re facing the daunting challenge of starting all over again. We have …

Word from the Y’s: Break the monotony
of everyday exercise routine by playing sports


By Corey Donohoo Beaumont Centre Family YMCA   If you live in Kentucky, it seems as if you are required to at least have some interest in basketball. And you probably spend lots of time watching games on television. But …

Word from the Y’s: Next workout, try rowing -
you and your lower back will be glad you did


By Chad Moore High Street YMCA   Have you ever been to your local gym when it’s busy? I mean really busy? Every treadmill, bike and elliptical packed with a waiting line behind them kind of busy? I bet you …