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Thursday, March 13, 2014

UK College of Communication offering workshops for professionals, educators

(Photo montage from UK)

(Photo montage from UK)

The University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information will be offering a set of educational workshops on June 23-27 uniquely designed for those looking to enhance their careers as professionals and as educators.

The 21st Century Communication Skills for Success in the Workplace and the Classroom academy capitalizes on the “10 Skills That Will Get You Hired” as outlined by the 2013 National Association of Colleges and Employers found in Forbes Magazine.

Workshop topics will focus on specific communication and information skills including teamwork and decision-making, effective formal and informal communication, development of multimodal presentations and responsible social media usage.

All participants will spend their mornings attending workshop sessions. Educators will continue instructional design training in the afternoon focusing on communication curriculum development while business professionals are free to leave at lunch and will be offered supplemental webinars.

The deadline to register for the Summer Academy is May 15. The registration form and payment information can be found at summer academy.

For additional information or questions about the academy, contact Sarah Kercsmar at sarah.kercsmar@uky.edu or 859-257-9589. For information about earning college credit, contact Deanna Sellnow at Deanna.sellnow@uky.edu or 859-257-2886.
From UK