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Pet Smarts: Heat stroke a real risk for pets; know how to keep them safe this summer


By Dr. Mara Wendel KyForward columnist   Summer is here, and whether you enjoy relaxing in the sun with your furry friend or taking your dog out to play or swim, this is a great season to enjoy time with …

Pet Smarts: Parasite prevention, good hygiene protect your family, as well as your family pet


By Dr. Mara Wendel Sheabel Pet Care Center   Although your furry friend may seem like the furthest thing from a health risk to your family, dogs and cats can actually harbor parasites that are harmful to people. Many pets …

Pet Smarts: A Cat Friendly Practice enables more efficient, less stressful visits to vet


By Dr. Michele Arnold KyForward columnist   The American Association of Feline Practitioners has created a program called the Cat Friendly Practice to assist veterinary practices in providing the highest quality of care for their feline patients. Feline visits to …

PetSmarts: Preparing family pet for new baby can make transition smoother for everyone


By Dr. Michele Arnold KyForward columnist   Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time. Sometimes, however, our pets do not exactly share the excitement and can have trouble adjusting well to new additions to the family.   Here …