Thursday, January 3, 2013

Smart Suzy: Scouting out new deal sources, refinancing?, green trends, Ky – hike around

Suzy’s checking out some bargain sites so you can let your fingers do the walking – then suggests that when you are done with that you should get out and walk for real. There are sights to see. And bargains to find before we sleep. . .


Have you discovered these?, an online discount retailer. Known for Deal of the Day promotions and everyday low prices. Check out coupon, clearance and other great bargains – posted periodically, so keep checking. They have a variety of overstock and liquidation brands at discount rates. They say: Why pay more when you can pay less.


Today, you can get 9 pair of women’s or men’s sunglasses for just $14.99 plus shipping – for those of you who can’t hold one to your sunglasses! If you are going to lose them, may as well buy them cheap! But, as always, don’t buy anything you don’t need – it’s not a bargain no matter how little it costs if it is just stuff that clutters up your place.


Suzy’s signed up for their email so she’ll keep you posted.


Republic Bank deal


Get 0% closing costs on a new home loan or a refinance. Can’t get cheaper than that – if home ownership is right for you or you need to refinance for lower interest rates.


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Green trends that should stick around is alert to all good ‘green’ things . . .always looking for the next big thing. While there are some fads that shouldn’t extend into the new year (mustache T-shirts, anyone?), there are also emerging trends in the green scene that should stick around in 2013.


Among them are recycling trends, composting, waste reduction, community gardens, energy efficiency


. . . and this one:


The secondhand store


Whether it’s due to a leaner economy or rising interest in sustainability, secondhand sales are on the rise. 

Consignment, thrift and resale shops have grown at least 7 percent a year over the last two years, according to industry statistics from NARTS: The Association of Resale Professionals. 

All in all, between 16 and 18 percent of Americans say they shopped thrift stores in any given year and 12 to 15 percent shop at consignment shops, according to NARTS, compared to 21.3 percent that shop at department stores and the 19.6 percent that shop at apparel stores.


See the whole deal at


Keep your exercise pledge by hiking here -


The longest trail in Kentucky: The Sheltowee Trace National Recreational trail, in honor of Daniel Boone, a fit fellow who hiked through Kentucky on hunting trips in the 1700s.


Sheltowee, or Big Turtle, was the name given to Boone by the Shawnees who captured him. This is why signs along the Sheltowee are blazed with the popular turtle logo.


Beginning in Tennessee at Pickett State Park, the trail stretches north from the Big South Fork National Recreation Area up through the Daniel Boone National Forest to just beyond Morehead, Ky. Some 269 miles of the trace’s 282 miles are found in Kentucky.



The Sheltowee Trace is often described as the backbone to the Daniel Boone National Forest. The forest is broken into four ranger districts: Cumberland, London, Redbird and Stearns. The Sheltowee Trace travels through all but the Redbird district.


(Ok, so most of us aren’t up to a 282 mile walk, at least all at once. So, pick your adventure, Suzy Friends.)


Many hike the Sheltowee in sections, and a few brave adventurers tackle the entire trace at once. This trail is very popular as a training location for longer hikes such as the Appalachian Trail, the North Country Trail, the Continental Divide Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail. Each of these trails is more than 2,000 miles in length, and the Sheltowee Trace gives hikers an idea of an extended hiking experience without ever being too far removed from developed areas.


Two of Kentucky’s most popular lakes for boating and fishing are located along the Sheltowee Trace. Laurel River Lake and Cave Run Lake attract thousands of visitors each year. Laurel River Lake continues to improve as a top destination for smallmouth and walleye, while Cave Run Lake has long held its reputation as the “Muskie Capital of the South.”


One truly exclusive attraction along the Sheltowee Trace is the Red River Gorge National Geological Area, home to some of the most unique geological formations anywhere in the country. Due to the numerous cliff faces and rock outcroppings, the Red River Gorge has become a world-renowned climbing destination. There are several outfitters in the area that serve rock climbers, as well as places where people can climb on their own. Natural Bridge State Resort Park, with a lodge, cottages, campground and restaurant, serves as an excellent rest stop in the gorge.


Along with hiking, there are sections of the Sheltowee that are open to other users. Mountain bikers and equestrians have access to certain sections, as well as numerous spurs and adjacent trails.


There are four campgrounds that cater to horseback riders. White Sulphur is located in the Cumberland Ranger District, Little Lick in the London Ranger District and Barren Fork and Bell Farm campgrounds are in the Stearns Ranger District. ATV users will also enjoy a designated ATV/OHV campground at White Sulphur in the Cumberland Ranger District. The entire Redbird Ranger District’s trail system is also designed for use by ATV riders. There are several popular mountain bike trails surrounding Cave Run Lake, just outside of Morehead. The most popular single track for mountain biking on the Trace is from KY Hwy. 80 south to Laurel Lake and back.


There are several places to access the Sheltowee Trace, and many of these locations are working on enhancing their trailheads and services offered to trail users. Some of the communities the trace goes near include Morehead, McKee, Slade, Livingston, and Stearns.


Several towns throughout the national forest have begun to work towards becoming a certified Kentucky Trail Town through the Kentucky Office of Adventure Tourism. A Trail Town certification will signal to visitors that these locations have the needed services and accommodations one may need while enjoying the Sheltowee Trace or any of the other recreational activities in the forest.


There are plenty of things to see and experience along the Sheltowee Trace, and the Sheltowee Trace Association works hard to keep the trail in the best possible condition.


The Sheltowee Trace Association hosts a website and helps organize trail work days and group hikes. To learn more about all it does, visit For questions about the Daniel Boone National Forest and any of the recreational opportunities it offers, visit the website at


You can find some really fun things to do close to home, and you’ll learn more about your beautiful home state while doing them!


Rest up, Suzy Friends – there are adventures to be experienced, walks to do, bargains to hunt, resources to maximize. Enjoy your Friday Eve. It’s a short week, after all. See you tomorrow.