Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Smart Suzy: Giving away reusable shopping bags, a heads-up about Bigger Blue Giveaway


Suzy’s feeling generous, thanks to our friends at Republic Bank who are providing nice reusable shopping bags so you can get earth-friendler when you shop. Details below…


And here’s a great big HEADS-UP about a terrific Valentine’s giveaway – a BIGGER BLUE – with (of course) UK basketball tickets on the line, thanks to our partners at David Bank’s Quality Construction Company. Can’t divulge all the good stuff just yet – it would spoil the suspense – but stay tuned. We’ll be rolling it out next week – and you DO NOT want to be left out. Prizes throughout the two-week giveaway period and . . .well, Suzy’s excited but determined to keep the secret until the big announcement. All in good fun, Suzy’s Big Blue Friends.


Running shoes sale


In keeping with your new year resolution to get in shape (you did make that one again, didn’t you?), check out this deal on running shoes. is having a HUGE Running Shoes Sale right now. You can get up to 70% off brands like Asics, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Nike, Skechers, Puma, and many more.


Be sure to browse around, because there are some great deals on athletic shoes for the entire family! All of the running shoes are $50 or less. You can sort by % off or lowest price to find the best deals.


Shipping is FREE on all orders!


Price matching


Just a clue that might save you some coupon-clipping time, Suzy Friends: Pay closer attention to price matching – many of the places you shop are matching competitors pricing and it’s a better strategy for you than running from store-to-store to get the bargains you want. Target has announced it is extending its price-matching indefinitely so go prepared with your ads or check prices on your smart phone. WalMart will price-match as well. The product must be identical, of course, and there may be other fine print in any price-matching program – but take advantage of this when available and make it easier on yourself. There is competition for your business in this retail climate. Be savvy about what’s available to you.


Planning ahead


A wise friend once told Suzy: Don’t ever wait ’til you need something to shop for it. Good advice – and planning ahead really make a difference in your pocketbook. That’s why Suzy is telling you to check out the COSTUME sale at Costume Supercenter now. It isn’t Halloween, of course, and it isn’t Christmas – but if you are going to need costumes for Halloween dress-up or for special “pretend” gifts for the grandkids (all kids love to dress in character) – this is the time to buy. For pennies on the dollar, anticipate the savings by shopping out of season . . . has a big clearance sale with an extra 20% off. Sign up as a “preferred customer” and use promo code CLEAR20 to take advantage. Free shipping too.


Or check out your favorite costume place (Suzy likes Halloween Express, too) to see if their clearance sale has started.


Think ahead. Save big.


Going green reminds us that 89 billion plastic bags, sacks and wraps are used each year in the U.S. Recycling these is getting easier. A recent study identified more than 15,000 drop-off locations around the country and determined that 70% of all us have one in our community. Check out your local grocer – there may be a recycle bin at the store where you got the plastic to start with.


Better yet, take along reusable bags and be part of reducing the use of plastic. IF YOU NEED SOME REUSABLE BAGS, JUST ASK SUZY – THANKS TO OUR FRIENDS AT REPUBLIC BANK WE WILL SEND YOU A COUPLE OF REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS. Email with your name and address and they’ll be on their way to you. Be sure you have “liked” KyForward on Facebook and have signed up for our daily news emails.


Hope your Wednesday is the best, as we hit our stride for the week and re-adjust to a reality-schedule after what seemed to be an extraordinarily long holiday. Suzy needs a nap. See you tomorrow.