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Bill Straub: It’s now clear that the once-great, once-proud Courier-Journal has lost its way


WASHINGTON – Be forewarned. As Margo Channing once advised, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.’’ So leave us proceed.   The Courier-Journal of Louisville, once one of this nation’s great newspapers, is an embarrassment. It is …

Rep. Mike Denham: Sales tax, wage, drug
and protection bills passed along to Senate


Like most of the state, the Kentucky House of Representatives saw its schedule put on ice last week because of the snow and plunging temperatures.   While the damage and outages did not cause the same level of devastation that …

Hal Goode: House takes big step toward allowing local communities more control


Recently, the Kentucky House of Representatives took a big step forward in allowing local communities more control over their own growth and economic development. With overwhelming bipartisan support, the House passed LIFT, or Local Investments for Transformation. This a bill …

Commentary: It’s ‘Up to Us’ as millennials
to create change in authentic, grassroots form


In the most representative and colloquially ironic of manners possible: I found one of the most thought-provoking quotes I have ever read on the social networking platform Twitter. Neil deGrasse Tyson, the world-renowned jack-of-all-trades: a scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist and author …

Rep. Mike Denham: Bills tackling dating violence, drugs, voting, more making progress


FRANKFORT – With an eye on the dwindling days left in this year’s legislative session, the Kentucky House moved virtually all of its top priorities a step forward last week and should have most sent to the Senate by early …

Tom Block: ‘Herding cats’ role falls to Sen. McConnell as Congress deals with budget


Former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott, describing his job as leader of the Senate Republicans labeled the task as “herding cats” and now that role falls on our own senior Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.   There will be a lot of …

Commentary: Telecommunications reform
is vital to job creation now and in the future


By Robert L. Quick Special to KyForward   On behalf of our more than 1,700 members, Commerce Lexington Inc. recognizes the critical role telecommunications infrastructure plays in attracting and retaining jobs for Central Kentucky.   Investments in traditional infrastructure needs …

Commentary: Prescription drug abuse can be stopped by family, legislators, manufacturers


By Steve Pasierb Special to KyForward   We get the calls every day. Parents, siblings, grandparents and friends are reaching out to our organization worried that their loved one is abusing prescription medicine.   Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic …

Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul:
Right to Work is really about worker freedom


Union membership may be in decline across America, but here in the Bluegrass State unions still have the power to force workers into becoming dues-paying members against their will. That means if you work for an employer who contracts with …

Bill Straub: Congress’ back-and-forth once again clouding crucial debate on immigration


WASHINGTON – For years now Congress has been operating in a manner that closely resembles the old joke first voiced by the great Mark Twain – everyone complains about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it.   Congress …