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Commentary: Judge our Senate candidates by their statesmanship, not their personal power


By Shirley Browning Special to KyForward   I write out of concern for our state. I am a Kentucky native, and I still own a small portion of our family farm there.   I earned two degrees from University of …

Johnathan Gay: Kentucky’s food, farming economy needs real entrepreneurship, too


Kentucky has a fascinating heritage when it comes to public unity. Everyone knows the Commonwealth was home to both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. Today, different debates occupy the minds of average Kentuckians, such as UK vs. Louisville, wet vs. …

Col Owens: Kentucky needs to hire Alison Lundergan Grimes, retire Mitch McConnell


We need Alison Lundergan Grimes in the U.S. Senate. Why? There are many reasons, and they’re good ones.   Alison wants to solve problems here in Kentucky and around the nation. She will not pass the buck, as Mitch McConnell …

Lewis Donohew: Appalachia, it seems, is on the move and taking root in Central Kentucky


I was surprised to learn recently that Appalachia has added several thousand new residents, one of whom is me.   I haven’t learned when this addition occurred, but the latest boundary lines definitely include my Montgomery County and my Mt. …

Commentary: Anti-bullying author says past taunts from bullies play like song in his head


By Kurt J. Kolka Special to KyForward   Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head? You know, a song you haven’t heard for a while. Suddenly and unexpectedly it pops into your head and goes into repeat …

Billy Reed: It’s time for marching bands to dump the soldier suits, change with the times


I have a wonderful idea for a new business, and I need to find some investors before the same idea dawns on the brains at Nike, addidas or UnderArmour. I want to start a company that takes marching-band uniforms out …

Terry Holliday: Floyd County, East Carter
tell full story of progress schools are making


As we looked more closely at numbers from the Unbridled Learning Accountability System this week, there was much to celebrate. School report cards showed more students reached college- and career-readiness, more students graduated, reading and math scores improved at elementary …

Tom Block: Fight for control of U.S. Senate
is still too close to call, but may end in a tie


Here is my analysis of how the battle for control in the U.S. Senate is shaping up. Starting with the current count of 55 Democrats and 45 Republicans, there are three Democratic seats – Montana, West Virginia and South Dakota …

Bill Straub: As friend learned, ‘newspapers will always break your (bleeping) heart’


My friend Gary Webb loved fast cars. In fact, judging by the number of speeding tickets he accumulated during his tragically short life, it’s fair to say he loved fast cars a bit too much.   He loved rock music. …

Rep. Mike Denham: Should posthumously promote Kentuckian, the first black colonel


Recently, we honored one of our region’s most famous and well-respected citizens when we dedicated the restored birthplace of U.S. Army Col. Charles Young.   Born in May’s Lick near the end of the Civil War – a little more …