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David Hawpe: A few thoughts on Fancy Farm, Mitch McConnell and debilitating blackdamp


Editor’s note: The annual Fancy Farm picnic and political gathering in Graves County is Saturday, Aug. 2.   Alison Grimes ought to remind the Crowd of Fancy Farm that Mitch McConnell is choking the U.S. Senate with blackdamp.   Given …

Web Commentary: There’s a new series of statewide entrepreneur pitch competitions


The following commentary from Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is about a new series of statewide pitch competitions for entrepreneurs.:     From Office of the Governor

Rep. Mike Denham: Unlike Washington, the states must balance budgets at fiscal year end


When it comes to budgets, there is one big difference between the federal government and the states: The states balance theirs at the end of the fiscal year.   It can be a difficult task, especially when the economy is …

Web Commentary: Governor says state begins funding 25 bornlearning Academies in the fall


The following commentary from Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear concerns the bornlearning Academies program:     From Office of the Governor

Rick Robinson: Being humble, likable worked for Lincoln and may work for Iowa’s Young


  Tucked away in the heartland of the United States is Van Meter, Iowa. Just west of Des Moines, the thousand or so people who reside there are the folks politicians are referring to when they glowingly speak of “middle …

Tom Block: In the 2014 race to control
the Senate, two seats are likely to change


The focus of the political world during the midterm elections will be on which party ends up controlling the U.S. Senate. As I have written, the Republicans need a net gain of six seats to win over control of the …

Commentary: Time is now for serious look
at reforms for teachers’ pension system


By Jeff Hoover Special to KyForward   Over the course of the past decade, the issue of state pensions has come to the forefront, as the gap in promised benefits and the financial resources set aside to fund them has …

Lewis Donohew: Family pilgrimage through Cumberland Gap definitely worth the wait


In my college years, I traveled by car through Cumberland Gap—the route to the west for hundreds of thousands of pioneers—a few times as a member of a baseball team heading to Harrogate, Tennessee, to play Lincoln Memorial University. After …

Rep. Mike Denham: As new laws take effect, lawmakers already considering improvement


A common misconception about the legislative process is that all state laws take effect right after the governor signs them.   While that assumption is understandable, the truth is that most laws are not official until 90 days after the …

Don McNay: Connecting the dots between a law school hall of fame and attorney suicides


“Once you’re gone, you can’t come back When you’re out of the blue, and into the black” -Neil Young   It was a session of the Kentucky Bar Association, but it felt like a wake. A reasonably large crowd came …