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Commentary: Put an end to inappropriate teacher-student relationships in Kentucky


By Regina Bunch Special to KyForward   One of the key components of public education is the fact there should be a high level of public trust. The faculty and staff of our schools are entrusted daily with the lives …

Bill Straub: Rand Paul’s road-less-traveled path could prove the difference in GOP field


WASHINGTON – The cavalry charge that is the 2016 Republican presidential campaign got underway this week with Sen. Ted Cruz letting everyone know their worries are over, he’s going to let them vote for him for president.   Many, perhaps …

Commentary: If passed, treatment, Naloxone, ‘Good Samaritan’ provision could save lives


By Jennifer Hancock Special to KyForward   Kentuckians who face the challenges of addiction represent every zip code, educational background and socioeconomic status imaginable. The face of addiction looks like you and me. Our families, our friends and our colleagues …

Commentary: Rally with us to let Kentucky Senate know that student voices matter


By Eliza Jane Schaeffer, Jamie Smith and Andrew Brennen Special to KyForward   The Kentucky Senate left its audience hanging on Wednesday when it decided not to hear one bill that has been accruing local and national attention.  HB 236 …

Commentary: If passed, common sense legislation could save lives in emergency


By Dr. J. Wesley “Wes” Sublett Special to KyForward   Last year, the Richmond Register reported that the lives of two Madison County students who had experienced life-threatening allergic reactions at school were saved due to their school’s decision to …

Bill Straub: Give Paul credit for recognizing
a crisis – and trying to do something about it


WASHINGTON – Sen. Rand Paul may not be the most liberal member of the Kentucky delegation in the nation’s capital – fair enough, don’t you think? — but the Republican lawmaker and president wannabe isn’t always shy about dipping his …

Rep. Mike Denham: Bill to decrease state’s drug problems has support from all sides


  When it comes to illegal drug use, few states have been hit as hard as Kentucky over the last 15 years. We have lost thousands of loved ones during that time to a rising tide of meth, synthetic drugs, …

Commentary: Silent disregard for HB 40, 70 leaves us to question moral fiber of Senate


By State Rep. Darryl Owens Special to KyForward   “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” I believe these words, spoken by revered civil rights activist Mahatma Gandhi, sum up the failure behind the Kentucky …

Bill Straub: McConnell’s actions bespeak
of hostility that extends far beyond politics


WASHINGTON – As the Ides of March approach, it doth appear that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has assumed an increasingly lean and hungry look.   McConnell, outmaneuvered by Democrats when he sought to reverse President Obama’s executive orders protecting …

Rep. Mike Denham: Bill to protect victims
in Kentucky seems close to becoming law


While another round of record snow and cold kept the House and Senate from being able to meet for two days last week, both chambers nonetheless finished work on several notable bills and are poised to pass even more in …