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Bill Straub: To his credit, Rand Paul among first to raise issue of criminal justice reform


    By most accounts Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign has all the sizzle of a wet rag. But the Kentucky Republican should attract at least a modicum of credit for raising an issue during this surreal electoral battle for …

Commentary: Healthy school meal standards are working in Ky. and we must uphold them


By Rhonda Cornum and Angela Stark Special to KyForward   It’s not often that a retired Army general and a middle school teacher share a stage. But there we were in July at Southern Middle School because we share a …

Rick Robinson: Trump calls for deportation
of Anchor Pandas; other candidates weigh in


Note: We have been noticing how every time Donald Trump says something absurd, each campaign somehow feels obligated to respond. KyForward contributor Rick Robinson found this recent story confirming the theory.   WASHINGTON, D.C. – Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has …

Bill Straub: Massie’s government-by-tantrum style leads to one failed gambit after another


Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, a Republican from Lewis County, is quickly showing that a sharp guy with two degrees from MIT who made millions as a technological whiz kid can’t find his backside with both hands when it comes to …

Lewis Donohew: First Amendment does not give clerks the right to refuse to give licenses


Following the recent Supreme Court ruling permitting same-sex marriage, the controversy that arose in some of our Kentucky counties involving the First Amendment has raised an emotion-laden question. The clerks state their religious beliefs won’t let them issue marriage licenses …

Commentary: Lessons from Breeders’ Cup can help us move community from good to great


By Mike McKenzie Special to KyForward   First it was the World Equestrian Games and now it is the Breeders’ Cup … two events of exceptional quality and incredible reach beyond the geographic boundaries of our state and country. While …

Bill Straub: With lackluster debate, Rand Paul has little hope of clawing his way back up


  One of the principal unwritten laws around the poker table is never throw good money after bad. The time might be approaching for Sen. Rand Paul to pay heed.   The Kentucky Republican’s presidential campaign has proved to be …

Commentary: Senate’s long-term highway authorization bill is good news for Kentucky


By Sen. Mitch McConnell Special to KyForward   While Kentucky has a strong network of interstates, highways and parkways, it’s obvious to anyone who has driven in the Commonwealth lately that many important transportation infrastructure projects are in urgent need …

Mike Denham: With the school year upon
us, look at it from a historical standpoint


There is a saying that you can’t know where you are going until you know where you have been. That’s especially true when it comes to our schools.   Since education represents the single-largest category in state spending – more …

Ron Daley: ‘Silicon Holler’ will become reality because of the kids in our K-12 classrooms


Congressman Hal Rogers’ nearly 10-year-old vision of Appalachian Kentucky becoming “Silicon Holler” is becoming closer to reality. Organizations serving the region are working more collaboratively than ever as the result of Shaping our Appalachian Region launched by Gov. Steve Beshear …