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Marcus Carey: Today’s ‘rabble rousers’ too young to remember unrest of 1960s, 70s


Are you old enough to remember all those old guys telling their stories of how they had to fight in World War I? Can you remember veterans of the Civil War in Memorial Day parades? Well surely you remember the …

Marcus Carey: Holed up in remote Alaskan cabin, 58 below zero – that’s what I call living


I received a call on my cell phone the other night. It was from a number I couldn’t figure out. It seemed to have more numbers than usual and in an odd sort of configuration. I answered my cell phone …

Marcus Carey’s On the Marc: Despite loads
of mud, country-living is wonderful lifestyle


For all the idyllic images that come to mind when people imagine life in the country there is a reality known to us farm dwellers that doesn’t square so well with those blissful daydreams. That reality is mud.   I …

Marcus Carey’s On the Marc: There’s more than one layer to the discussion about pot


Marijuana is gathered plant material that, when ingested, delivers some amount of the compound known as THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. The effects of the naturally occurring substance on the human body vary from person to person and depend upon many other …

Marcus Carey’s On the Marc: Even an old booker can make an Internet contribution


I admit to being a booker. I always loved libraries. I think that is one of the reasons I gravitated to becoming a lawyer. The educational process required years of library time and, though many of my classmates couldn’t wait …

Marcus Carey’s On the Marc: First snow signifies time to start ‘puttin’ up some hogs’


I don’t know if there is any human being or a group of human beings who actually control the weather patterns affecting the entire earth but one thing I know for sure is that it sure seems to get later …

Marcus Carey’s On the Marc: Remembering past may provide future of joy, hopefulness


Considering how depressing our future is, according to varying news reports, maybe it’s better that we focus on how to fix the future than remembering a past that will never again exist. On second thought, forget that. It’s Christmas time, …

Marcus Carey’s on the Marc: Christmas tree is not a violation of the First Amendment


Well, it’s almost Christmas, which means it is that time of year when once again the debate continues whether to call a decorated coniferous tree a “holiday tree” or a “Christmas tree” or some other name in order to give …

Marcus Carey’s On the Marc: Living the ‘old-timey’ way prompts deeper respect for past


Living an “old-timey” lifestyle sure gives me a much deeper respect for the men and women who built this country. They didn’t have the choice to do things the “easy way.” Perhaps they had become so accustomed to the hard …

Marcus Carey’s On the Marc: Much to my surprise, fresh pumpkin is a nice taste treat


I like pumpkin pie. I’ve carved a few jack-o-lanterns in my time, and I like the fall displays of corn stalks, hay bales and pumpkins on people’s lawns. But I had never eaten fresh pumpkin until a couple of weeks …