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JSH’s KY: Five ideal Kentucky locations for
a semi-long-distance commute to Lexington


At one point or another in my meandering life, I’ve spent quality time in most of the Commonwealth’s cities. Over the years, I’ve found that certain areas are more advantageous than others when shlepping back and forth to my beloved …

JSH’s KY: Kentucky’s top 10 sports figures are top-notch – and have amazing stories


You might think every state produces its share of great sports figures, but when you actually examine the statistics it seems our fair Commonwealth of Kentucky has contributed to the wide world of sports on a level that outshines others. …

JSH’s KY: Seven great Kentucky bourbons that no longer exist, but what memories!


When you look at the vast array of bourbons on a store shelf and note the antiquity of many of the brands, it’s easy to lull yourself into thinking that once a bourbon comes into being, it’s here to stay. …

JSH’s KY: Top six exciting Kentucky
caves most people probably haven’t seen


Kentucky is blessed with a staggering number of beautiful caverns, but I wonder how many people take the time to visit them? Furthermore, even among well-seasoned amateur spelunking enthusiasts, I wonder how many have been to some of these lesser …

JSH’s KY: Craters of the Commonwealth: Found in Middlesboro, Clay Village, Versailles


There once was a time when people wondered aloud, why is the Moon battered with impact craters while the Earth remains relatively unscathed?   Thanks to state-of-the-art mineral analysis and aerial photography from space, we know now that the Earth, …

JSH’s KY: A kind of etiquette guide
for Twitter, with some favored feeds


As I travel around our fair state, I frequently suggest to people I meet that they should follow me on Twitter. The usual response is that they A) don’t know what Twitter is, or B) they say “I’m on Facebook, …

JSH’s KY: New Men in Black has backstory,
including a mysterious memory of his own


With Will Smith’s Men In Black 3 hitting theaters on May 25, I thought I’d take this time to point out the backstory of the “Men in Black” meme, which actually goes back to the days of the Roswell UFO …

JSH’s KY: Mr. Wiggs — do you remember?- seared a young boy’s fond, lasting memories


In the early 1970s, there was one Lexington department store in particular that was synonymous with Christmas to me, and looking around on the Internet today, I’m surprised there’s so little evidence left that it ever existed.   As the …

JSH’s Ky: Writers, aspiring writers — sign up
for star-studded Carnegie book conference


Are you a writer, or aspiring to be one? This June, Lexington’s Carnegie Center will be hosting the Books In Progress Conference, with none other than Barbara Kingsolver as their keynote speaker.   Kingsolver, raised in rural Kentucky, is the …

JSH’s KY: Lexington’s Anita Madden honored
as ‘Trailblazer,’ at Louisville conference


Equine expert, philanthropist, and party-thrower Anita Madden was honored Tuesday in Louisville, as the Ohio River Valley Women’s Business Council presented her with the “Woman of the Year Trailblazer Award”.   Madden, world famous for her both her charity work …