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Tom Block: Mitch McConnell’s elevation
to majority leader is big deal for Kentucky


The Republican victory in the battle to control the Senate elevates Kentucky’s senior Senator, Mitch McConnell to the position of Majority Leader, a very big deal.   While the final spread is still to be determined due to a December …

Tom Block: An updated election forecast shows control of the Senate not a done deal


With less than a week before the important midterm election, I wanted to update my forecast.   Two weeks ago, I thought the odds favored a very narrow Democratic victory in the battle for control of the Senate. I saw …

Tom Block: Fight for control of U.S. Senate
is still too close to call, but may end in a tie


Here is my analysis of how the battle for control in the U.S. Senate is shaping up. Starting with the current count of 55 Democrats and 45 Republicans, there are three Democratic seats – Montana, West Virginia and South Dakota …

Tom Block: Focus on control of Senate shifting to a surprising race in Kansas


With the November election set to determine whether Democrats will retain control of the Senate or Republicans can gain control, Kentucky has one of the key races that will determine the outcome.   Furthermore, the race in the Commonwealth is …

Tom Block: Congress’ return to Washington forces budget, foreign affairs issues to fore


This week Congress returns to Washington after its five-week recess and has three weeks to pass a spending plan for the new fiscal year that begins Oct. 1. Everything Congress does in the next few weeks will have the November …

Tom Block: House and Senate approved short-term funding of Highway Trust Fund


Earlier this summer I wrote of the challenge faced by Kentucky and the nation with the impending shortfall of the Highway Trust Fund and the potential for stopping of work on large road projects across the Commonwealth and the nation. …

Tom Block: In the 2014 race to control
the Senate, two seats are likely to change


The focus of the political world during the midterm elections will be on which party ends up controlling the U.S. Senate. As I have written, the Republicans need a net gain of six seats to win over control of the …

Tom Block: Fund for highway infrastructure almost broke; something needs to be done


  Any drivers who have been in and around downtown Louisville know that with the Ohio River Bridge project, road construction is one infrastructure program that is being funded, and jobs created.   Those in Northern Kentucky know that we …

Tom Block: Will some Republican opposition to Export Import Bank be enough to kill it?


Below the radar screen in Washington is an interesting issue that could have an impact on Kentucky. It’s the future of the Export Import Bank of the United States.   Over the last five years, 39 exporters in Kentucky have …

Tom Block: A first look at how the Senate might look after the November election


With the victory of Senator McConnell, and the important primary in Georgia Tuesday, it is a good time to review the overall picture for control of the Senate that will be determined in November.   The battle for the Senate …