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Tom Block: Kentucky senior senator did what he, a leader, had to do on the debt-ceiling vote


Sometimes here in Kentucky we forget our senior Sen. Mitch McConnell has another title in Washington: Leader.   McConnell is the Leader of the Republicans in the Senate, and as we saw on Wednesday, Feb. 12, sometimes a leader has …

Tom Block: Budgets will keep Congress busy this year, but other issues are ripe for 2014


In Washington, 2013 ended with approval of a two-year budget agreement, and 2014 began with the passage of the massive spending bill, which funds the U.S. government through the current fiscal year. The level of $1.012 trillion exceeds the $986 …

Tom Block: Two giants of history, Mandela and Washington, just right for their times


In 1990, I was working on issues related to South Africa at a major New York bank and was given an invitation to attend the dinner at the Waldorf honoring Nelson Mandela.   It was one of the highlights of …

Tom Block: After 50 years, the ‘grassy knoll’ is still surprisingly intimate, the horror very real


  Like everyone old enough to remember the day President Kennedy was assassinated, the 50th anniversary of the event brings back memories of what we were doing at the moment the news arrived, the long weekend where we witnessed the …

Tom Block: Meeting John Lewis shows how far we’ve come, how far we still have to go


Louisville is the home of the Kentucky Authors Forum, an organization that brings leading authors together for an evening of discussion. The usual format is to have the author interviewed, in a living room setting by an interesting person, with …

Tom Block: College programs that grow
leaders provide the focus Kentucky needs


  A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to have breakfast at the University of Louisville with some of the McConnell Scholars. Remembering way back to my college days, I didn’t think I’d be talking to many students at …

Tom Block: Fed chair nomination feels like case of ‘I told you so’ with Yellen’s return


With the decision this week by the Federal Reserve to maintain their stimulus bond buying program of $85 billion a month called Quantitative Easing, I believe President Barack Obama will turn his attention to the important task of selecting a …

Tom Block: My good friend Neil Levin among the nearly 3,000 we remember today, always


  I was in New York City on 9/11 and will always remember that horrible day. In recent years I have had two occasions to recall my good friend who died on that fateful day.   In one of the …

Tom Block: Choosing next Fed chair a big decision for Obama – for several reasons


Those who regularly read the business press will know that President Obama is on the threshold of one of the biggest decisions of his second term impacting the economy: Who should run the Federal Reserve.   Chairman Bernanke’s term expires …

Tom Block: Immigration debate has potential to define Republican Party for years to come


During my partisan political days, I worked for Republican members of the House and Senate. I believe that our democracy has been well served by having two broad-based political parties, one left of center and one right of center.   …