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Tom Block: With Boehner resignation,
GOP faced with yet another conundrum


The resignation of House Republican Speaker John Boehner is the most recent example of the conundrum facing Congressional Republicans – how to govern with deep divisions. In fact, divisions within the two Congressional parties have switched over the past 25 …

Tom Block: Would Trump really hire an unqualified person to run his golf course?


Having spent nearly 40 years in a career focused on politics and public policy, I have always found it perplexing that lack of experience could be considered a virtue when seeking political office. I can think of no other field …

Tom Block: McConnell-Cruz name calling on the Senate floor could have been avoided


Last week there was an unusual breakdown in decorum in the U.S. Senate, when Texas Senator, and Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor and announced that Senate Republican leader, Kentucky’s Sen. Mitch McConnell, had lied to him …

Tom Block: In light of current debate, unique perspective helps tell history of other statues


  With the growing debate over the removal of Jefferson Davis from Kentucky Capitol’s rotunda, and the possibility of finding a replacement, there is some precedent for selecting statues to represent the state that removes politics from the process.   …

Tom Block: Trade pacts are more difficult to move through Congress; TPP is no exception


In Kentucky our economy is growing in large part because of the state’s commitment to international trade.   The state has developed a very close relationship with Japan best demonstrated by the Toyota plant in Georgetown and the recent purchase …

Tom Block: Tough decisions ahead with next act to be played out when Congress returns


Before leaving for their two-week spring break, the House and Senate each passed their own versions of a budget resolution. A big reason for the push is that Republicans believe that to fulfill the mandate they got in the 2014 …

Tom Block: Worrisome start for Congress, as Republicans deal with mess of own making


Kentucky’s senior senator again finds himself in the middle of a firestorm as the Congress is faced with funding the Department of Homeland Security for the remaining of the current fiscal year.   Sen. McConnell started his tenure as majority …

Tom Block: ‘Herding cats’ role falls to Sen. McConnell as Congress deals with budget


Former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott, describing his job as leader of the Senate Republicans labeled the task as “herding cats” and now that role falls on our own senior Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.   There will be a lot of …

Tom Block: President’s speech less partisan, but some of his proposals have little chance


President Obama delivered his second to last State of the Union speech and his first address to Congress since Republicans captured both the House and the Senate. He made clear at the outset that when it comes to headline issues …

Tom Block: It’s a new year, a new Congress and a new set of deadlines in nation’s capital


It will be a big year for Kentucky in D.C., with our senior senator, Mitch McConnell, becoming majority leader and junior senator, Rand Paul, in the presidential spotlight. In addition Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers will continue as chair of the …