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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

K-Lair Grill, a UK fixture, to be torn down
to make room for new campus housing


By Kevin Sallee
KyForward contributor

A fixture on the University of Kentucky campus is set to be demolished. The K-Lair Grill, which has been serving students, faculty and staff for more than 50 years, will be torn down next May, along with Haggin Hall, to make room for new dorms.

The K-Lair’s demolition is part of a major housing transformation approved by the UK Board of Trustees during a retreat earlier this month. See more here.

Jake Peters, a sophomore finance major, is one of those who is not too sad to hear of K-Lair’s demise – primarily because of their excitement about new dorms.

“It is convenient to grab a meal, but a new dorm is needed, and if (a) new restaurant was there, I wouldn’t miss it,” Peters said.

Darrius Jackson, a sophomore studying business management also lived in Haggin Hall and experienced K-Lair numerous times. Jackson even had some great memories attached to the K-Lair.

“My favorite memories involving K-Lair would be going there after sporting events and celebrating with my friends,” Jackson said, adding that he is also in favor of UK’s decision to add new dorms.

“I think the new dorms are needed and will be a great addition to the campus,” Jackson added. “I would not be sad if K-Lair would be tore down and wouldn’t really care if it was rebuilt or not.” Said Jackson.

In addition to K-Lair, plans also call for Wildcat Lodge and Cooperstown buildings D and E to be demolished next month.

Kevin Sallee is a journalism student at University of Kentucky