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Weighty Matters: Best researchers can say
is that more sleep might lead to weight loss


By Lesley Cissell KyForward columnist   When we were children, our parents encouraged us to get enough sleep because sleep was when growing occurred … remember? If true, wouldn’t it seem that the reverse is also true, that not getting …

Coach Colene: Don’t let the enormity of your goals scare you away; take one step at a time


Q. How do you eat an elephant?   A. One bite at a time!   Obviously, this is not a column about eating an elephant; it’s about achieving goals as enormous as the world’s largest land mammal. Do you think …

Jamie Vaught: Vitale recalls crossing paths with legendary Rupp during coaching days


  Before he became a household name as a colorful TV broadcaster, Dick Vitale was coaching basketball.   One of his stops was at the University of Detroit, where he served as the head coach for four years during the …

Are elementary school start times too early for young students? UK team takes a look


  By Gail Hairston Special to KyForward   It’s rarely easy to get a child out of bed, dressed, fed and off to school, especially when it’s still dark outside. Schoolchildren everywhere (their parents too, if they are being honest) …

Billy Reed: Simms uses national platform to broaden debate on offensive sports mascots


Only a few days after becoming embroiled in the bitter Washington Redskins’ nickname debate, Phil Simms will visit a university that has been home to perhaps the most famous Native American athletes since Jim Thorpe was performing wondrous deeds for …

‘Significant investments’ in infrastructure needed to shore up 22-county BEAM region


  A 51-member committee of the Bluegrass Economic Advancement Movement has released an assessment of the region’s infrastructure, including roadways, waterways and fiber optic capabilities. The committee found that the 22-county BEAM region should make significant investments to shore up …

Georgetown College student eager for fresh start six months after transplant saves her life


  By Allison Perry Special to KyForward   The notorious “Freshman 15″ is usually little more than a nuisance for new college coeds across the country. But when Georgetown College freshman Lynsey Farrar gained 15 pounds in a single week, …

Keven Moore on Insurance: Renewed focus on bleacher safety needed as accidents mount


I can remember attending University of Kentucky football games at Commonwealth Stadium in the 1970s, when kids could wander off without the watchful eye of their parents. Often, I would venture beneath the end-zone bleachers, finding lost treasures while dodging …

Everyday Heroes: Energetic singer continues
to entertain despite confines of wheelchair


This story is taken from Steve Flairty’s 2008 book, Kentucky’s Everyday Heroes. Calvin Ray no longer performs at the entertainment spot in Leitchfield, but he remains an active performer. He lives in Mt. Washington.   By Steve Flairty KyForward columnist …

Education department making push for public comment – and understanding – of standards


  By Brad Hughes Special to KyForward   The Kentucky Department of Education Monday launched a major push to get teachers, parents and others to learn more about the state’s English/language arts and math academic measures, and then to provide …

Mike Farrell: Freedom must be defended by the truth, often at great risks to journalists


Most Americans take great pride in the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution. But the promise of a press free from government intervention doesn’t ensure physical protection.   And it certainly doesn’t provide safety beyond our shores. …

‘Sleepless in Kentucky’ on KET examines
why lack of sleep is unhealthy, offers advice


We live in a country where a third of adults report that they get less than six hours of sleep a night, which doesn’t seem like a big deal until you consider the health risks that are associated with insufficient …

No Alumni game? No problem as Coach Cal’s Basketball Fantasy Camp generates $1 million


  By Eric Lindsey CoachCal.com   On Saturday afternoon, as John Calipari’s team took too long during a timeout of a fantasy camp game, Barry “Slice” Rohrssen started pleading with officials to charge Coach Cal a timeout.   “It’s my …

No one hit the Powerball jackpot Saturday, but a $1 million ticket was sold in Lexington


While the estimated $70 million Powerball jackpot wasn’t hit Saturday night, Kentucky did have a $1,000,000 winner sold in Lexington.   ADVERTISEMENT

Late-summer heat wave will expand, bringing with it high temps as well as excess humidity


By Alex Sosnowski AccuWeather.com     An arm of hot and humid air from the South will extend across the Midwest into midweek.   Much of the South Central states have been rolling in a late-summer heat wave since last …

Stimulating Lives: Bill Best’s work with heirloom seeds helps preserve good taste


“Good Lives, Good Lives” is an ongoing series of podcasts created by Debra Hensley and her Debra Hensley’s Social Stimulus project. The podcasts feature “stimulating” individuals in the Lexington community.   As Hensley contends, you may not have heard of …

Workforce summit will connect dots between performance at work and fulfillment in life


What do Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Google and SAS Software have in common? Besides being successful companies with healthy bottom lines, that is?   These are companies that have bought into the idea that highly motivated, engaged, healthy employees can make …

Johnathan Gay: Entrepreneur ignores sad statistics, finds Jackson Co. ‘ready to work’


Launching a new business venture in a county purported to be one of the worst in America is not something you’d ordinarily expect from a successful entrepreneur, especially one who lives nearly three hours’ hard drive away. But, that’s exactly …

Expanded Kentucky State BBQ Festival brings thousands to Danville for ‘must-taste’ event


By Mariel Smith Special to KyForward   This first weekend in September the Kentucky State BBQ Festival celebrates its fourth year. The event will reap the rewards of its lightning ascent as a must-taste event for barbecue lovers across the …

Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Labor Day boating should include more than just summer fun


  By Lee McClellan Special to KyForward   The Labor Day weekend is the last hurrah of the boating season. Boaters, kayakers and canoeists will swarm waters all over Kentucky during the holiday weekend, squeezing the last bit of fun …