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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Giving campaign puts new spin
on giving to local nonprofits this season

The Blue Grass Community Foundation and Smiley Pete Publishing have announced a new project to give local nonprofits a leg up this giving season.


Smiley Pete, which produces Business Lexington, Chevy Chaser Magazine and Southsider Magazine, is publishing a Good Giving Guide that outlines the competition, prizes and profiles of the participating nonprofits.


Goals of the project are to raise $100,000; encourage people age 35 and under to get involved in philanthropy; attract new donors and/or volunteers to these causes; and provide publicity and exposure for a variety of local nonprofits. 


“Nonprofits have struggled during the tough economy of the last few years, and we believe this creative and engaging campaign will encourage new donors to consider helping our local charities,” said Lisa Adkins, foundation president and CEO. “Based on online giving, this campaign makes donating easy, and throughout the campaign we’ll be announcing different themes and competition.”


The campaign, which runs from 7:59 a.m. Oct. 27 to 11:59 p.m. Dec. 31, will collect donations on behalf of 58 Lexington-based nonprofit organizations. All of the money donated, minus credit card or bank processing fees, will go directly to the designated charities. The Good Giving Guide, a print and web-based giving campaign, will be available in the November issues of all Smiley Pete Publications beginning Oct. 28 and includes profiles of all participating nonprofits along with details about the campaign.


“This is unlike anything that’s been done in our community,” said Chuck Creacy, Smiley Pete publisher. “We’re very eager to see how much we can raise for our local nonprofits who desperately need our help this year.”


Donors are eligible for coupons and other prizes based on the amount of their donation. Those who donate $100 or more will be eligible to win a 2011 Subaru Outback from Quantrell Subaru, which will be given away as a door prize at the wrap-up party in January 2012.  


In addition to benefits to donors, the nonprofits will be vying for thousands in donation-based bonuses and matching extras made possible by the foundation, as well as private and public partners. The top 30 performing nonprofits based on the number of donors to this campaign each will receive an analysis of need and a laser printer that meets that need from Lexmark.   


To donate, visit www.goodgivingguide.net.


About Blue Grass Community Foundation


Blue Grass Community Foundation is one of nearly 700 community foundations across the nation. It is a tax-exempt nonprofit that enables individuals, families, businesses and other nonprofit organizations to establish permanent charitable funds to meet current and future community needs. Overseen by a volunteer board of community leaders and run by professionals who are experts in local philanthropy, we invest and manage these charitable funds. In addition, we convene community leaders and volunteers to help people come together to have the greatest collective impact for good.


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