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Monday, April 30, 2012

Campbellsville first-year experience classes
complete community service projects

Campbellsville University’s first-year experience (FYE) classes participated in servant leadership projects throughout the spring semester and shared their experiences in a celebration service. The service was a time of recognition for the students’ accomplishments throughout the year.

The celebration was also a symbolic point of the completion of the academic year and to launch the students into their second year at Campbellsville University.

There were 23 FYE classes this year, and they all completed a service-learning project, some of which presented their project during the celebration service.

“We’ve learned how to be servant leaders, so let’s put it into practice. We’ve become a part of something greater. We’ve picked up a passion to learn, to serve and to live. Let’s start a chain reaction of challenge,” said Michael Jennings, a Campbellsville freshman.

Freshmen Kalyn Barnett and Autumn McKinley, presented the service learning project their class completed which included helping at the Central Kentucky Crisis Pregnancy Center and the Taylor County Elementary after-school program.

Barnett and McKinley emphasized their class was impacted by “realizing we could take a few hours out of the week to impact others.”

Arianna and Ariella Snyder discussed how their class helped lay a foundation of knowledge for students about the environment. Their class presented a rain garden barrel presentation to a group of students in the gifted-and-talented program at Campbellsville Middle School, and held an Earth Day celebration event, which included planting shrubs on CU’s campus.

Kaitlin Bryan discussed the service project her class completed which consisted of helping at Mt. Gilead Church host the Agape shop, where members from the community can shop for needed items for free.

Other service learning projects include: working with and tutoring at various after-school programs, serving at nursing homes, helping at animal shelters, developing a sports workshop for children, environmental and maintenance projects and hosting a dinner theater fundraiser.

The FYE class is required for all first-time students of Campbellsville University, and the goal is to assist new degree-bound students. The purpose of this class is to maximize the students’ potential to achieve academic success and adjust responsibly to the individual and interpersonal challenges of college life. Students are assisted in the areas of academic persistence, social integration and spiritual formation.
From Campbellsville University