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Science Guy: Using the power of the sun, it’s possible to pop a balloon — inside another balloon

Have you ever popped a balloon inside a balloon? If not, our “Science Guy” Jason Lindsey and a kid scientist show us how by using the power of the sun.
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Pop a Balloon Inside a Balloon


• Magnifying Glass

• Black Balloon

• Clear Balloon


STEP 1: Push the black balloon inside the clear balloon. Inflate the black balloon. Tie the black balloon.

STEP 2: Inflate the clear balloon, so the black balloon can move freely inside the clear balloon. Tie the clear balloon.

STEP 3: Using the magnifying glass, focus the sun’s rays through the clear balloon, to the black balloon, and observe. Describe what happens when you place the clear balloon in the path of the rays of sunlight. Provide evidence that energy was transferred to the black balloon by the rays of sunlight.


The black balloon quickly pops. The magnifying glass allows you to concentrate the sun’s rays through the transparent balloon to one spot on the opaque or black balloon, which eventually weakens the rubber, causing the balloon to pop. The black balloon pops while the transparent balloon stays inflated.

The black balloon absorbs the sun’s rays causing the balloon to heat up faster.

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Jason Lindsey is an award-winning science educator and author. Jason studied science and journalism at Western Kentucky University, focusing on general science with an emphasis in meteorology and climatology. Each year he performs hands-on science experiments at hundreds of schools and community events throughout the United States, as well as produces and hosts a hands-on science segment airing on television stations across the nation. He previously worked as a chief meteorologist, backpack journalist, science reporter and webmaster.

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