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Staying Fit: Getting back in your exercise routine is easier with these five keys to workout success

By Heather Thomas
Special to KyForward

It’s that time of year: Summer vacation is behind us, kids are back to school and the daily routine is back in full swing.

Whether you have been out of your regular routine the past few weeks, entire summer or even a few years, here are five things to keep in mind to set yourself up for success.

Avoid Overtraining

Don’t overdo it the first week. You might think hitting it hard right away is the best thing to do, but it can actually set you back. Working out puts stress on the body and too much too soon can make you feel defeated both physically and mentally. Increase the frequency and intensity of your workouts week to week and always include rest days when needed.

Acknowledge the Small Victories

Change doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient with yourself and continue to move forward at the pace that is right for you. Recognizing even the smallest changes, say you make it to a workout class one day this week, or you schedule 30 minutes in your day for a walk, will give you the momentum needed to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

Find Excitement

Getting back into your routine can be the start of a new adventure. Try a new fitness class, create a new playlist to listen to or invite a friend to join you. Over time, your workout will be something you look forward to and it is more likely to become part of your lifestyle. At The Barre Code, we strive to make every class an experience so that you are always hungry for more. By working out with a community, you are inspired by each other and have fun at the same time.

Include All Three Components of Fitness

Mix up your weekly routine with cardio, strength and flexibility. This will allow you to feel more balanced, avoid injury and keep you on the right track for overall well-being.

You have to Start Somewhere

The first step is acknowledging that you want to get back into a routine. Instead of dwelling on the past, set attainable goals to set you up for continued growth. Create a path that will allow you to be successful and always remember why you started.

We are launching our annual Back to Sweat challenge at The Barre Code on Sept. 18, encouraging everyone to get back to their workout routine by challenging themselves to take 15 classes in 21 days. Visit us at the studio, 12442 Shelbyville. Rd, to find out more.

Now believe in yourself and make it happen.

Heather Thomas has been active her entire life and has accumulated various fitness certifications through AFAA, LesMills and Yogafit. Thomas joined the staff of The Barre Code in Louisville in the 2015, where she now serves as Studio Manager and Master Trainer.

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