Supreme Court of Kentucky to hear arguments Dec. 7 in Frankfort; Proceedings are open to the public

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The Supreme Court of Kentucky will convene Dec. 7 in Frankfort to hear oral arguments in cases that originated in Fayette, Jefferson and Owsley counties. Proceedings are open to the public and will take place in the Supreme Court Courtroom on the second floor of the state Capitol at 700 Capitol Ave. in Frankfort.

The public may also observe oral arguments via the Supreme Court live stream on the Kentucky Court of Justice website. Oral arguments are available online as they occur in real time and are not available as archives.

The Supreme Court is the state court of last resort and the final interpreter of Kentucky law. Seven justices sit on the Supreme Court and all seven justices rule on appeals that come before the court. The justices are elected from seven appellate districts and serve eight-year terms. A chief justice, chosen for a four-year term by fellow justices, is the administrative head of the state’s court system and is responsible for its operation. The Supreme Court may order a ruling or opinion to be published, which means that the ruling becomes the case law governing all similar cases in the future in Kentucky.

Thursday, Dec. 7

9 a.m.

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“Taxes. Mayor and City Council. KRS 92.340. Issues include whether the city’s mayor and council members are personally liable for spending excess funds raised under the city’s sanitation tax on other legitimate city expenses.”

Discretionary Review granted 3/15/2017
Jefferson Circuit Court, Judge Brian C. Edwards

Attorneys for Appellants: Jason B. Bell and Matthew C. Hess
Attorney for Appellee: C. Dean Furman, Jr.

Note: Rescheduled from Oct. 26, 2017


10 a.m.

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“Criminal Law. KY Constitution § 115. Judgment of Acquittal. Sex Offender Registry. Whether the Commonwealth may appeal from a judgment of acquittal entered by a trial judge after the jury returned a guilty verdict.”

Discretionary Review granted 6/8/2017
Fayette Circuit Court, Judge Ernesto Scorsone

Attorney for Appellant: Emily Holt Rhorer
Attorney for Appellee: Francisco Villalobos, II


11:00 a.m.

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“Insurance Coverage. Interpretation of “Occurrence.” Measure of Damages. The issue involves the interpretation of insurance policy language as to an “occurrence,” to determine whether there is coverage for the mistaken mining of another’s property. In addition, there is an issue regarding the measure of damages in such a case, specifically, the reasonable royalty rate vs. the market rate of the coal minus the extraction costs.”

Discretionary Review granted 4/19/2017
Owsley Circuit Court, Judge Thomas P. Jones

Attorneys for Appellant: Virginia Hamilton Snell and Amanda Warford Edge
Attorneys for Appellee: Mendel Austin Mehr, Phillip Gray Fairbanks and Bartley Kemble Hagerman

From Supreme Court of Kentucky

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