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140th Fancy Farm will just be picnic on Aug. 1 — no political speeches this year; more details coming

By Mark Maynard
Kentucky Today

Fancy Farm’s annual picnic is still a go for August, but without the political speeches, organizers said this week on social media.

Rev. Darrell Venters of St. Jerome Catholic Church posted on the Fancy Farm Facebook page about the 140th picnic on Aug. 1. He said there will not be any political speeches, WPSD and the Mayfield Messenger reported.

Fancy Farm last year — no political speeches this year. (File photo by Tom Latek/Kentutcky Today)

Venters says Fancy Farm barbecue lovers can still buy pork and mutton by the pound. Additionally, t-shirts will still be sold, and an online and in-person raffle will still take place.

However, Venters said along with the canceled political speaking, no Friday night events will take place and none of the booths or stands will be open, and no camping sites will be rented.

Details about the online and in-person raffle will be coming out within the next couple of days.

“I know this is a disappointment to some and comes as a relief to others. However, taking into consideration all the factors, I believe it is the best route to take at this time,” Venters wrote in the Facebook post. “If we all promote and get behind the raffle and the sell of meat by the pound, we can and will have a successful picnic financially.”

The church had said last week that the political speeches could be held inside the Fancy Farm Elementary School gym instead of the pavilion and other safety guidelines were being put into place.

However, holding the political speeches indoors brought some other safety concerns since Kentucky has not set a date for when gatherings of more than 50 people could resume. The Fancy Farm picnic, which typically signals the start of the political season, draws thousands.

Venters said organizers prayed over the decision and came to the conclusion it was best to not have the speeches this year.

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