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Beshear’s transition team going full steam and by book, despite Bevin’s election recanvass request

By Tom Latek
Kentucky Today

While the voting results in the November General Election for Governor await the outcome of a recanvass request made by incumbent Republican Matt Bevin and certification by the State Board of Elections, work of the transition team for presumptive Democratic Governor-Elect Andy Beshear continues at the State Capitol.

On Wednesday, Beshear, currently Kentucky’s attorney general, announced that Deputy Attorney General, J. Michael Brown will chair the team.

On Friday, Brown told Kentucky Today that when he arrived at the office after Wednesday’s announcement, “I found the Legislative Research Commission had delivered copies of a very helpful handbook for gubernatorial transition in Kentucky.”

Governor-Elect Andy Beshear’s transition team is looking at the LRC’s transition handbook. (Kentucky Today/Tom Latek)

Brown says he immediately began going through the more than 70-page handbook.

“I spent quite a bit of time familiarizing myself with it,” he said, “I’ve started to take some of the steps that are indicated by way of formal outreach as dictated in the book. I’ve reached out, although I haven’t met with the Governor’s staff yet. I hope to in the near future.”

Acknowledging the recanvass that takes place November 14, Brown stated, “I understand there’s a certain situation going on, but I hope to meet with them and move the process forward. We received some contacts, but nothing that I would say is in an organized form.”

Other actions being taken by Brown, “I’m also attempting to collect some of the transition documents from previous administrations. Then, I think my job is going to be to advise the Governor-Elect who’s interested and how I think some of the things fall into place.”

Brown says the handbook is very helpful in prioritizing what must be done at the start of an administration. “Certain things really have to be ready to roll day one, and that’s what I’m trying to do, because the Governor-Elect has not made any announcements about any of the appointments in his administration, including myself.”

He says nothing was promised in advance because they had to focus on the job in front of them, in other words, winning the race. “Now, this is here, and my focus right now is on this transition, and whatever I have to do to help this office transition to the Attorney General-Elect [Daniel Cameron].”

Next week, you can expect to hear more transition team members named, according to Brown. “That’s my expectation, that we’ll be in a position to start saying who I going to be on what teams.”

In addition to overseeing the transition to Governor and the new Attorney General, Brown says he must also deal with the duties of his current job in the Attorney General’s office. “We still have some statutory requirements to carry out post-election.”

That includes the public drawing of the names of six counties where post-election audits are conducted. Investigators will examine numerous areas for potential corruption, including election fraud. The Special Prosecutions Unit, which investigates and prosecutes election law violations, will present the audit findings to the respective counties’ grand juries.

Inauguration Day for the governor is Dec. 10.

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  1. George Blackburn says:

    I sincerely hope they clean out the transportation cabinet as much as they legally can.This has been a group of the most insensitive people ever assembled in this cabinet.You might as well as talk to a wall as try to get these people to act reasonably. GOOD RIDDANCE to this bunch of ***********.

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