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Bevin calls for Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District to end use of reformulated gas

Gov. Matt Bevin offered his strong endorsement for ending the mandated use of reformulated gasoline (RFG) in Louisville and the surrounding counties, noting that improvements in automobile technology and cleaner gasoline from refineries have resulted in the Commonwealth’s citizens paying far too much for too little benefit.

“Today, I call on Mayor [Greg] Fischer to direct the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District to move forward on finding the most cost-effective offsets that will help eliminate RFG and save the citizens of Louisville more than $73 million a year,” said Bevin. “The state stands ready to work collaboratively with the Air Pollution Control District to eliminate the reformulated gasoline requirement.

Gov. Matt Bevin

“We are committed to improving the air quality in the Louisville area, but reformulated gasoline now provides very little benefit in reducing smog-forming and toxic pollutants by comparison to other options, and it comes at great cost to our citizens. Alternative means of reducing emissions are available and affordable. Let’s work together to improve both our environment and our financial well-being.”

Bevin announced his endorsement of pre-filed BR 808, offered by Rep. Thomas Huff and co-authored, at the governor’s direction, by the staff of the Energy and Environment Cabinet. This resolution strikes a balance between a cost-effective way to gain the same, or better, environmental benefit, while simultaneously reducing the costly burden of RFG to consumers in the Louisville market.

“The RFG requirement is an outdated, burdensome regulation that needs to end,” said Rep. Huff, who represents the 49th Legislative District in Bullitt County. “Our effort is aimed at reducing the price at the pump for hardworking taxpayers, while ensuring that our environment continues to improve. I believe there is a balanced solution that can be reached to protect both the environment and wallets of our citizens. I appreciate Gov. Bevin’s support and leadership on this issue. Without his support, this would not be possible.”

“During this day and age, it is simply unnecessary for my constituents to have to pay more for gas than folks in other surrounding counties,” said Rep. Kevin Bratcher, who represents the 29th Legislative District in Jefferson County. “It’s long past time that we work together to seek a remedy that levels the playing field for consumers, while continuing to make progress in reducing air pollution.”

Bevin successfully petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to lift the requirement on Northern Kentucky to use RFG. His actions eliminated costly RFG in Northern Kentucky on July 1, 2018. As Louisville approaches attainment of the required ozone standard, Bevin is committed to ending the RFG requirement in Louisville as well.

Charles Snavely, Secretary of the Energy and Environment Cabinet added, “Gov. Bevin has made it clear that he wants to move forward in eliminating RFG from Kentucky. We can achieve the same, or better, ozone reductions quicker and cheaper. At the Governor’s direction, we eliminated this burden in Northern Kentucky, and we want to do the same for motorists in the Louisville market as well.”

The Energy and Environment Cabinet has been directed to move forward with the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District to find the most cost-effective pollution offsets. Together, it is possible to begin the process of eliminating RFG without legislation; however, to ensure RFG is eliminated, Bevin announced that he will sign this legislation as soon as it is delivered to him, if action is not taken more quickly.

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