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Bluegrass Greensource: Photography helps
us see natural world from a different angle

 (Photos by Preston

Bluegrass Greensource intern Preston Sabharwal spent the day at Dupree Nature Sanctuary taking photographs, shared here and below.


By Preston Sabharwal
Special to KyForward

When the sun is ready to emerge, it will blossom in a marvelous explosion of light. It shifts its head upward and slowly peaks over the horizon. Its roasted orange spark shoots violently, mixing with the popping hues of yellow and leaves us all with amazement. It is my understanding that the sun is a painter, and each stroke of pigment is intentional. It is my job to catch the glimpses of the sun’s creations with the camera lens.

Dupree Nature Sanctuary in Lancaster catches me in its early hours of 8:30 a.m. Crouching, I watch the dense fog cast itself over the goldenrod fields. I patiently study the moods of the sky. A graveyard gray sinks into the canvas. Peering into the fog, my camera snaps the melancholy dispositions that the sky spits out.

By 9:30, the blaze orange pushes at the seams. A flicker of light shoots from the bottom of the sky, and illuminates the fields. To the left, the Kentucky River shimmers with a fresh coat of sunlight. I face the river, and capture its motion. The camera catches the first signs of sunrise. As the day extends, I notice that the sun takes a burnt orange tint. It thrives and fills the morning with light. Sunrise is here.

Photography has the power to open up the natural world to personal interpretation. As a photographer, you can capture the smallest of moments and see the world in a different view. Every shot is intentional, and each photograph tells a story. The stories that photographs tell are completely dispersed. That’s the aspect I love most about being a photographer. We have the ability to spread nature’s interpretations and show the stories of the earth.




Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.21.10 PM

Preston Sabharwal is the Bluegrass Youth Sustainability intern at Bluegrass Greensource. He is a senior at Sayre School, where he is president of Sayre’s Green Team. He is also working on the Adopt-A-Tree program as part of the Urban Forest Initiative in Lexington.

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