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Campbellsville University to offer State Registered Nurse Aide classes beginning on April 20

Those interested in helping in the medical field have a new and rapid opportunity, as Campbellsville University is teaming with the Commonwealth of Kentucky to ready a host of front-line support.

The university is offering a second two-week State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) intensive course beginning April 20, when students can take the course that is needed for the nursing program. The tuition for the training has been reduced to $500 with vouchers for the full payment available.

Campbellsville’s recently experienced an overwhelming response to its first SRNA certificate program that was offered in a two-week approved program format.

“The SRNA is the first step for students who want to be nursing aides or are thinking of a full program in nursing,” said Jason Roop, director of the Virginia Ponser Flanagan Technology Training Center. “We are honored to be able to serve the needs of the Commonwealth during this time.”

The SRNA Certificate Program will be a 59-hour class/lab that is taught completely online. Instructors will contact all the students via email and set up a time to hold meetings via Zoom or Teams as well. Classes will meet Monday through Friday for two weeks.

Students completing the training and successfully passing at least three exams with a score of 70 or higher will be sent a certificate and roster noting their eligibility to take the state written exam.

The first SRNA program reached full capacity enrollment of 60 students across the region as instruction began simultaneously in Harrodsburg, Somerset, Louisville and Campbellsville. There is also a waiting list for students that are interested in enrolling in the second instructional period for the SRNA Certificate Program.

“To see our team selflessly work to make SRNA programming possible for 60 students in such a short amount of time and during the prayerful times we live in is a testament to the quality of CU, along with the distinguished caliber of our faculty and staff,” said Dr. Wesley Carter, associate vice president of university outreach.

The certificate course is offered online from four locations: Campbellsville University’s main campus and regional centers in Louisville, Somerset and Harrodsburg.

“Campbellsville University places an emphasis on servant leadership and seeing positive life change, and our students will help carry out that mission to those that need it most,” Roop said.

Christie Minor, director of allied health at the university, said, “What a time to put Christian servant leadership into play by starting a new path in the health field. I am excited for the students to receive this training and see what a difference they will make in people’s lives during this pandemic.”

“Many of our students are mission-minded, and this will allow them to be on the front lines while showing love for their neighbor,” Roop said.

For information on how to enroll, call 270-789-5491 or email lagarrett@campbellsville.edu.

From Campbellsville University

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