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Christine Luken releases second book, ‘Manage Money Like a Boss,’ aimed at creative entreprenuers

When Christine Luken began writing her second book Manage Money Like a Boss, her original target audience was anyone with a small business. But then she noticed something interesting.

She observed that many of the creative entrepreneurs she knew – artists, musicians, photographers, and the like – had a strained push-pull relationship with money and success. They wanted to make more income in their creative businesses, yet at the same time, they resented needing money to sustain themselves and create their art.

Luken noticed something else.

She observed that many financial and business gurus marginalize the artistic community. Some accountants talk over creatives’ heads, using jargon to confuse or perhaps impress them. Or, worse, “bring it down to their level,” and address creatives like children who couldn’t possibly understand the numbers. Unless a writer or a musician achieved superstar success, most business coaches and money managers couldn’t be bothered with them.

That’s why Luken chose to write Manage Money Like a Boss specifically for the creative entrepreneur. She felt compelled to disprove many of the financial fallacies creatives believe, like “Money is evil. I’ll be a sellout if I sell my art. Money management is hard.” She’s determined to teach the truth: Money is a tool. And this tool can be used in your creative business to design a fulfilling life while positively impacting the world.

Luken has over two decades of business experience, spending over 13 years as the Vice President of Accounting & HR (and part owner) of her family’s machine tool company, and the last seven years as an entrepreneur. She understands the struggles facing creative entrepreneurs in the management of their business and finances.

Christine Luken

In her new book, Manage Money Like a Boss: A Financial Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs, Luken provides a plain-English guide to business and accounting that even the most math-phobic creative can understand and implement. Luken interviewed over a dozen experts while writing this book (CPA’s, financial planners, and business coaches,) gleaning the best of their wisdom in all areas affecting a small business’ bottom line.

She also interviewed scores of creative entrepreneurs, including their stories of financial struggles and victories. Luken wanted to make sure this book would show creatives how to manage their money and business in a way that honors their creativity, rather than shoving it to the side.

Luken is convinced she can teach creatives to manage their money like a boss so it will be their best employee rather than their worst nightmare. She’s even developed a free downloadable workbook for her readers to implement the Creative Money Explorations at the end of each chapter. The book launches on September 18 and will be for sale on Amazon.com.

For more information regarding the Manage Money Like A Boss book, go to www.ManageMoneyLikeABoss.com or www.ChristineLuken.com

Luken, the Financial Lifeguard, is a money coach, speaker, and the author of Money is Emotional: Prevent Your Heart from Hijacking Your Wallet. She has a degree in Accounting and is an active member of the Financial Therapy Association. She has over a decade of financial counseling experience, both with individuals and small business owners. Christine teaches her corporate Money Wellness classes to employees all over the country via webinar and lives in the Cincinnati area with her husband, Nick.

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