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Coach Colene launching new series, website focused on leadership, improving work environment

Colene Elridge has spent more than a decade examining what makes work environments tick and how extraordinary leaders and engaging workplaces are created.

Elridge, known as Coach Colene, puts that knowledge to work and makes it accessible through new programming and the new website Be More Transform.

“I want to change the way people think about life, leadership, and work through focused coaching, workshops and training,” says Coach Colene, who has 15 years of experience in human resources, training, government and entrepreneurship. “We spend way too much time at work to not love the culture and leaders. My message to leaders is increasing the bottom line and improving the employee experience is 100 percent possible with the courage to try something new and do something different.”

Colene Elridge

Coach Colene trains groups and businesses around the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom. She teaches based on many years of working and consulting in a variety of settings including serving as the Executive Staff Advisor to Kentucky’s Personnel Cabinet, Office of Diversity and Equality.

Colene’s most-requested topics include: Opening the Lines of Communication, Generational Understanding and Empowering Women to Lead from the Inside Out. From client Jodi Orr, owner, Sterling Hot Yoga Works, “Colene pours her experience, talents, and rare delight for life into her true calling with BE MORE.”

To expand her work with female leaders, Coach Colene is launching EmpowHER. Designed for entrepreneurs and business & community leaders, EmpowHER is a nine-month, face-to-face, transformational women’s leadership experience.

“I’ve worked with and coached amazing, talented women who truly could not see their own light. They couldn’t see they were capable of leading at a higher level and leading differently. All too often, women are taught a hyper-masculine model of leadership that simply doesn’t work for them,” explains Coach Colene.

The intention of EmpowHER is to grow women’s confidence, ambition and impact by cultivating their skills in leadership areas including interpersonal communication, public speaking, difficult conversations, and negotiation. Coach Colene adds, “Through holistic and skill-based leadership development programming, practical coursework and extraordinary opportunities for quality relationship building and mentorship, EmpowHER graduates leave the program equipped to advance their careers, scale their businesses and make significant impact in their companies and communities.”

The first group of EmpowHER participants is being formed; registration information is online.

Coach Colene also shares Monday Morning Pep Talk via e-mails. The advice is free & may be accessed by signing up here.

Colene Elridge, M.B.A. is a results-oriented success coach with 15 years of experience in human resources, training, government and entrepreneurship. Known as “Coach Colene,” the owner of Be More Consulting is based in Georgetown, Ky. and moderates and speaks at numerous events, conferences and retreats throughout the country. Learn more at www.bemoretransform.com.

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