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Commentary: Kentucky Baptist regional campus ministers demonstrate commitment, creative spirit

By Mark Maynard
Kentucky Today

Kentucky Baptist regional campus ministers must be part MacGyver. They clearly know their mission and nothing, including the coronavirus, will keep them from doing it.

They have adjusted and rolled with the punches, all while being a welcoming force on campuses. COVID-19 has stopped a lot of things but spreading the gospel isn’t one of them. Unlike MacGyver, they don’t need rubber bands or a handful of pennies to make it happen. Their calling, commitment and creative spirit drive them to do whatever it takes. They are the picture of determination.

The eight campus ministers are spread from east to west throughout the commonwealth and they’re working hard at what God has called them to do. It was refreshing hearing their stories this week while writing a story on how they have survived the pandemic. They’re not just surviving, they’re thriving.

This much was clear too: the support of the campus ministries through the Cooperative Program shows how far we can reach when we’re reaching together. The generous giving of Kentucky Baptists has allowed these campus ministers to adjust and continue to reach students during these uncertain times.

Campus life is different, not just in Kentucky but across the nation. Student organizations and ministries who don’t have their own building find themselves at a disadvantage for reaching students. 

There are still the regular restrictions – social distancing, face masks, temperature checks and paperwork – but having your own building is critical.

CP dollars bring them that space. The doors are open for students who are searching for answers.

Many of these students didn’t grow up in church. During their formative college years, they are searching for answers and direction. The devoted campus ministers are being creative as they find ways to connect for gospel sharing and disciple-making.

Students who may not have given them a second look pre-COVID are now willing to listen. As Northern Kentucky University campus minister Josh Skipper told me: “There’s so much bad news out there that they’re willing to listen to the good news.”

Students are coming to faith in Jesus Christ on the campuses all across Kentucky thanks to the work of campus ministers and students who are active in Baptist Campus Ministries.  Despite the challenges, ministry is happening during a season when it’s desperately needed.

Pray for these men and their ministries and thank God your CP dollars are making a difference. Students are finding answers and lives are being changed through the gospel message every day. There is good news on college campuses across the commonwealth.

Mark Maynard is managing editor of Kentucky Today.

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