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Complaints about speeding, carelessness
in school zones prompt appeal to public

With a number of complaints about drivers speeding and operating their vehicles carelessly in school zones, the Lexington Division of Police is urging motorists to take extra care and caution when driving in and near those areas.

Lexington Division of Police officers have increased its presence in response to these complaints, but members of the public are asked to assist in the efforts to make these areas safer for school children.

Lexington drivers are advised to:

Slow down and be aware. Follow speed limit guidelines and be aware of schoolchildren walking to and from school in neighborhoods; especially those surrounding schools. In addition, be sure to clear ice, frost and snow from your vehicle’s windows and mirrors; to ensure you can see where you are driving and what is going on around you. This is especially important in the early morning hours before the sun rises.

Obey crossing guards/bus stop signals. The stops signs on buses, and those held by crossing guards, are to be obeyed just as traditional stop signs are.

Report violators. Call police at the non-emergency line 859-258-3600 if you spot someone driving wrecklessely or speeding near or around school zones. Be sure to collect information about the vehicle make, model and license plate.

From Lexington Division of Police

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