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Constance Alexander: March is almost here, spring’s at the door, so a poem to celebrate good days galore

The outlook’s not brilliant on Main Street today,
With too many topics and too much to say.

This calls for a poem with a rhyme and a beat,
And couplets that tempt you to tap both your feet.

It soon will be spring and March first’s almost here,
So Dairy Queen opens. That should raise a cheer.

In spite of the weather, we stick to our mission
And line up for ice cream, a cherished tradition.

Blizzard or deluge, they won’t get us flustered.
When March 1st arrives, Murray craves frozen custard.

The changing of season’s a newsworthy item
But one among many, it’s ad infinitum.

March is the month to observe Women’s Hist’ry
In thirty-one days. Why so few? It’s a mystery.

It’s also the month of The Cat in the Hat
To celebrate reading and have a book chat.

If Shakespeare’s your pleasure, check out MSU,
Which honors the bard with the play “Much ado…”

Named after the bellicose Mars, god of war,
March once was the first month, but not anymore.

The clock jumps ahead on the tenth, and you lose
An hour of darkness with less time to snooze.

Just seven days later we wear green and cheer
For Patrick the sainted, who gave us green beer.

The twelfth is the day I became a new bride.
The fourteenth is Pi Day, the fifteenth the Ides.

For Christians, it’s Lent, not a season for pleasure.
The Jews observe Purim, the good Book of Esther.

What would we do without March, after all,
The month of sports madness and great basketball?

If it starts like a lion, it leaves like a ewe.
With that thought, my dear readers, I bid you adieu.

For more information about special days in March, log on to holidayinsights.com.

Details about Murray State University’s Shakespeare Festival are available at www.murraystate.edu.

Constance Alexander is a columnist, award-winning poet and playwright, and President of INTEXCommunications in Murray. She can be reached at calexander9@murraystate.edu. Or visit www.constancealexander.com.

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