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Daniel Cameron: Consumer Protection part of frontline effort to address public safety challenges

When I was elected Attorney General, I committed to putting every resource I have behind our core mission to protect Kentuckians and defend the Commonwealth. In my estimation, there is no greater purpose or requirement of government than the protection of its citizens.

As your Attorney General, it is my responsibility to further public safety in every corner of the Commonwealth by defending the laws passed by the General Assembly, working with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute those who choose to break our laws, and guarding Kentuckians against companies and individuals who seek to deceive and harm.

Our efforts in each of these areas are necessary to promote a stronger, safer Commonwealth. Every Kentucky citizen deserves to feel like we have their back and that we are watching out for their best interest. The work of our Consumer Protection Division is instrumental in carrying out this mission by addressing instances of fraud and deceptive business practices that, if left unchecked, harm our citizens.

This week, March 1-7, we recognize Consumer Protection Week and the work of the Consumer Protection Division within our office in protecting Kentuckians by stopping fraud and abuse. Our office works every day to address harmful actions against Kentuckians, whether it’s stopping online scammers or going after large, multi-national corporations for defrauding our citizens through deceptive business practices.

Our Consumer Protection team is part of the frontline effort to address some of our most pressing public safety challenges, including the opioid epidemic. We are committed to putting every available resource of our office toward making sure that the companies responsible for this epidemic answer for their role in addicting thousands of Kentuckians to deadly opioids, and we will not rest until they are brought to justice. No settlement or restitution can make up for the damage that these drugs have caused Kentucky families and communities, but holding the companies accountable for their actions is a necessary step in fighting this epidemic.

Daniel Cameron is Kentucky’s Attorney General.

We are also committed to addressing the inflated costs of insulin. Hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians depend on insulin to lead a healthy life, and we have to make sure that this drug is not out of reach because of artificial price increases.

Each year, Kentucky consumers lose millions of dollars because of fraud and scams, ranging from business impersonation scams to sweepstakes scams. As scammers become increasingly sophisticated, our office is committed to tracking scams across the state and alerting Kentuckians about how to best stop scam attempts.

Many of these scam attempts take place online through social media sites, dating apps, and web payment platforms. When scammers are successful, they threaten the financial security and privacy of Kentucky businesses and citizens. The protection of your online presence and that of your business is of the utmost importance, and we are working to ensure that citizens across the Commonwealth feel equally safe whether on the streets or online.

We will continue to take action against those who engage in deceptive business practices and commit fraud against Kentuckians. But, we can’t do it without your help. I encourage you to visit ag.ky.gov to learn more about how you can avoid common scams, and call our Consumer Protection Hotline at 888-432-9257 to report fraud and scams. Together, I am confident that we can all do our part to improve public safety in every Kentucky community.

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