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Matt Jordan: Duane Lundy’s 10in20 project
to bring local bands a wider audience


By Matt Jordan
KyForward contributor


Lexington producer Duane Lundy started a project this year that will let him do more than run the studio for a band’s recording session.


With his new 10in20 project, he’ll record some of the best upcoming bands in Lexington and help them get their music to a wider audience.


There are three steps that take 10in20 from the studio to a physical release of the music. The band and Duane go through an intense two-day session in which they record and mix their songs. Then those recordings and the video of their time in the studio are posted to the 10in20 website. After all ten bands have finished, each will have a track included on a vinyl compilation of the entire project.


Duane has already recorded sessions with Matt Duncan, Coralee and the Townies and Sunday Valley. I talked with him after Coralee’s session was posted to their web site.


Where did the idea for this project come from?


The main idea, and purpose for the project initially was to showcase what a wondrous amount of musical talent that is here in Lexington. The other purpose came from my own desire to work with what I consider to be Lexington’s finest musical talent, and produce them in a way that befits my production style, and would allow creative freedoms for the artist.


Were there any similar projects that you tried to emulate parts of?

Not really…though there are many “compilation”, or “Acoustic/unplugged” type of projects from different cities or labels. I wanted to do something that worked together as a cohesive album, even though the songs are provided from 10 different artist. I felt like this could be achieved from a production choice/style and choosing songs that befit this method.


What does the name “10in20” mean?


The name was derived from the process of the projects production concept, to produce 10 artist, each of which are recorded, and mixed in 2 days…therefore 10 artist in 20 days. Ambitious in some ways, but more than enough time, and creativity to render the desired results.


How can people download the songs and watch the videos?


They can visit our website www.10in20.net, which contains the videos, bios on the bands/artists, and a link to purchase and download the track. At the end of our digital releases over the course of the 10 months of the projects first year, we will be releasing the songs on vinyl, with some amazing album cover art…


How much time do the bands spend on their session? Is everything done live?


We are spending 2 days on each song-from beginning to end. I am encouraging the artist to do it “live off the floor”, in performance mode, but we are pushing for the most fully realized versions of the song, so that means incorporating some overdubbing, and whatever manipulations that are necessaryJ. Most of my productions have been built from this method, and have always provided the core of those projects.


Who was the first band to record a session? How was that experience from your side?


Coralee and the Townies were the first session. I chose them for the initial session do to our experience and comfort working together, and the bands ability to work so well together in a more “performance” style of recording. This choice allowed all of the projects participants-audio/video/artist…to start the project with a some familiarity.


Are all the bands taking part in this local bands?


Yes all of the artist/bands are all related to Lexington. The great privilege of this project, is the great wealth of talent we have here.


Matt Jordan of Lexington is a the creator of Youaintnopicasso.com, a music blog he started in 2004 as a freshman at the University of Kentucky. His regular updates about music and musicians, interviews, concert reviews and industry news have gained him a wide national audience and helped make him an opinion leader in the music industry.


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