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Eyes on J. Galt: New artisan eyewear boutique opens in Chevy Chase, sales lead to donations

In a state known for small-batch bourbon, it’s appropriate that small-batch eyewear will soon be covering the eyes of fashion-forward Kentuckians.

Unique, hand-crafted, artisan eyewear from around the world is new to Lexington’s Chevy Chase area with the opening of J. Galt. Longstanding partners in optometry, Drs. Dawn Stratton, Heechung Ko and Richard Mangan, are J. Galt’s owners.

Situated on 800 Euclid Avenue, J. Galt is Lexington’s newest eyewear boutique and optometry practice.

(Photo Provided)

(Photo Provided)

“J. Galt brings artisan eyewear from around the world – Spain, Italy and Germany to name a few places – to Kentucky,” said Stratton. “When selecting our vendors, we not only looked for quality craftsmanship, we also searched for artisans who share our passion for making a difference. One company uses a portion of its profits to buy vitamins for children in Third World countries, while another donates to the Hellen Keller Foundation for the Blind.”

For every frame purchased, J. Galt will donate a frame to those in need in Third World countries.

Independent artisans partnered with the J. Galt team to provide high-quality products at a set price point of $175 for a frame and prescription lens package (the boutique line starts at $300).

“Our frames are 100 percent unique; you won’t see your eyewear on others when you are out and about. Many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind and made from materials including wood, recycled paper and vinyl records,” adds Stratton.

Like Stratton Eyes, doctors are on-site at J. Galt to provide vision exams.

The boutique’s name was inspired by the famous literary character John Galt from the novel “Atlas Shrugged.”

“John Galt embodies innovation and hard, individual work,” Stratton said. “Like Galt, we believe in the power of the human mind to create, which is in tune with our mission of working with independent artisans around the globe who make quality products without the designer price.”

The boutique was decorated by Lexington’s Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors. Industrial-style light fixtures and furniture, as well as materials such as reclaimed wood and exposed brick, were used. Those elements are balanced with soft and refined touches of upholstered seating and pops of metallic finishes throughout the optical area.

Based in Lexington, Ky., J. Galt offers one-of-a-kind, artisan eyewear from boutique vendors across the globe. Many of the vendors sell their eyewear to support charities in their areas, such as Nepal, Senegal, Tanzania, and Mali. Founded by Dr. Dawn Stratton, J. Galt offers unique eyewear with a story at a price lower than most brand-name eyewear. More details on www.jgalteyewear.com.

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