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Falmouth’s Eric Garrison wins $50k lottery prize with same numbers his wife Linda used to win $2.6m in 1999

Staff report

Eric Garrison of Falmouth matched four of the first five numbers of the Powerball jackpot’s November 1 drawing to win $50,000, the game’s third prize. 

But the numbers he used were not new to the Kentucky Lottery. They were the same numbers that earned his wife, Linda, a $2.6 million Lotto Kentucky jackpot in 1999.

No one had the ticket for the estimated $52 million Powerball jackpot. 
While Garrison doesn’t buy Powerball tickets on a regular basis, he plays the same set of numbers.

He started playing Powerball a few months ago after visiting a local store in Falmouth.  Garrison purchased one set of numbers and had the lottery terminal pick the numbers. 

“I’ve been playing the same set of numbers ever since,” Garrison said. 
Last Friday morning, Garrison went into the same store where he’d bought the original quick pick ticket to have his ticket from Wednesday’s drawing checked.  The manager handed his ticket back and told him it was too much for them to pay.

Most Kentucky Lottery retailers can pay up to $600 unless they are a cashing agent, which allows them to pay up to $5,000.

Garrison’s ticket was for more than these amounts.  After reviewing the winning numbers to the numbers on his ticket it was clear Garrison had won $50,000. 
Garrison’s wife Linda couldn’t make the trip to lottery headquarters that afternoon in Louisville so Garrison took his good friend Kendall. 
Garrison and his wife Linda had made that trip to lottery headquarters in 1999.  Linda claimed a Lotto Kentucky ticket worth $2.6 million from the March 10, 1999 drawing.  She too had played the same set of numbers before winning the jackpot. 

Linda chose to take the cash option amount of $1.6 million.  Garrison said the couple paid off their house and each bought a new vehicle with her winnings. 

“The rest of the money was for her to spend,” he said. 

According to a press release issued back when she’d won, Linda also planned to purchase Cincinnati Reds tickets, as she was a big fan. 
Garrison, who is retired from Sears as a service repairman, currently works three jobs to keep busy.  He said there are no big plans for his winnings but that it might be time for his wife to get a new car. 
The winning ticket was purchased in Sadieville at Love’s Travel Stop #618. The store will receive a $500 bonus for selling the winning ticket. 

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