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Fifty Shades Fanfiction Mutual Agreement

“Not that you know, but I didn`t dismiss Susannah and I don`t intend to. I will talk to him this evening about the treaty changes. I hope that she will decide to stay for the weekend sittings, when these have to be frozen for a while; But personally, I see no reason to end an agreement that is satisfactory to both sides. In addition, I don`t have time to interview anyone new. I give up my hand in a repulsive way: “I don`t care about Kate and I think it`s a mutual agreement in what is called my marriage. Please, Ana, don`t leave me, you are my life. We can find a way; I promise you we can do it. I don`t care if I lose my brother or even my whole family, because being with you means so much more to me,” he said, and she knew he would never give up, unless she made it clear that there is no hope for her to have a common future. I squatted on gossip from the latest jokes from a mutual friend and took the path to the wardrobe, cautiously, not to be seen by Scarlet or Damien. I did not want to answer questions. I just wanted to get out of here before I did something stupid. I cast my eyes on their dormant shape and remembered the deep spots in the blue hues of their petrified eyes, their iris deepened in the shadows when the priest allowed me to kiss them. His body froze when I deliberately bent my palms around his waist, his mouth hung soft as I got closer, and his breathing became laborious. I love that look on his face, he attracted me.

Physically, I had to restrain myself when I felt the surface of his mouthwatering lips. The idea of kissing him again remains alive and good until that moment. I wanted to suck his lower lip into my mouth, my tongue against his feathers. Curse this senseless concordance, no tongue, no open mouth. Our contact was brief, but captivating, and I vowed to hear him make silent moans when we touched each other. For concerts, I could hide this business trip as our honeymoon. I hope everyone`s attention will be drawn to Elliot and Kate, who will be married in a week. After Monday`s work, I told her a short version of the last few days with Christian on the way home, where she got the most important things, including my agreement to move out of my apartment (she was worried), our agreement for every other weekend (she thought I was crazy), our sudden flight to Seattle (she complained about my lack of sleep), and how I returned to Manhattan now…

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