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Friends of Coal Kentucky donates $75,000 to UK HealthCare COVID-19 Support Fund

As part of its effort to help Kentuckians through the COVID-19 pandemic, Friends of Coal Kentucky is donating $75,000 to the UK HealthCare COVID-19 Support Fund.

The contribution will help support expanded COVID-19 testing to more than 35 hospitals across the state.

By expanding the availability of testing, Friends of Coal Kentucky hopes to help protect the health and prosperity of the communities, making it easier for Kentuckians to isolate themselves if they’re sick and return to work if their health allows.

In addition to helping with testing, Friends of Coal Kentucky will continue to support the Kentucky coal industry so it can continue to provide the low-cost, reliable energy our lives, health and happiness depend on.

This energy is vital to the doctors, nurses and patients battling COVID-19 who depend on electricity to power testing equipment, monitoring equipment and ventilators. It’s vital to other essential industries, from grocery stores that need to keep food refrigerated to online vendors such as Amazon that need to power their server farms.

Even so, cleaning supply manufacturers need this energy to keep their factories functioning. This low-cost, reliable energy is also vital to the millions trapped in their homes whose lives would be infinitely more difficult without the ability to afford to turn on the lights, charge cell phones, power the television or heat and cool their homes.

Regardless of how uncertain conditions may become, Kentuckians can count on coal to provide the world’s most reliable source of low-cost energy throughout this crisis — and for many decades to come.

From Friends of Coal Kentucky

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